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Bug/Issue Multiplayer crash/Now unable to join friend

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by NivalisAngelus, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. NivalisAngelus

    NivalisAngelus Big Damn Hero

    The crash is happening as a result of a material exception. I'm not really looking to fix that, exactly. Its probably something from one of our mods and I do not think I'm going to be able to find out what it is.

    Rather, I just want to avoid the problem and keep playing. But I can't.
    We can't seem to find a way to get my character to reset to my ship. Every time I attempt to connect to the game, it spawns me in the exact location on the planet that had the crash and so before I can even react, it crashes again with the same Material Exception.

    If I can simply get away from that location, I can return to playing and just not go to the problem planet. But I am stuck starting up the game in the exact same location everytime, which is bizarre because any other time I load into a game, it in on the ship.
    I have no idea how to reset my character's location in my friend's game without loading in and actually moving, but I can't do that.

    *Update* After attempting to remove my packed.pak file and verify game files, as well reinstalled the mod that is suspected to contain the material exception, I am no longer simply disconnected from the multiplayer game but rather the game itself just immediately closes.
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