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Bug/Issue Multiplayer Bug: Money at End of Day Incorrectly Calculating

Discussion in 'Support' started by Quinnelia, May 18, 2018.

  1. Quinnelia

    Quinnelia Orbital Explorer

    Hi there!

    My friends and I have run into what we think is a bug, but it may just be an issue that wasn't thought about when creating the multiplayer version. The short story is that the shipping box only uses the Host's professions when calculating the sale value of items. I does not take into account the profession level of whoever put the item into the box. If you want to avoid losing money through this, make sure you only sell your goods to stores, not the box. A longer explanation/proof of why is below.

    My friends and I have decided to specialise, dividing up the tasks (farming, fishing, mining, husbandry), as that's how we decided we wanted to play the game. This means that we all have different skill levels and professions. One day, the host and I (who both have the Fisher profession at this time) are talking about how much our Legendary catch is worth in the end-day menu. Another friend remarked that on her screen, the fish value was lower (she hadn't touched fishing). This led us to compare money amounts on the end-day screen, and we discovered that if someone has a profit increasing profession, it is only shown on that farmhand's end-day screen. Base value (or a lower profession %) is shown for those who do not have that profession.

    On learning this, we did some experimenting with items and values and discovered only the Host's number adds to the wallet the next day. As you can see below, the farming and fishing values are different from each other, as only the farmhand's professions are used to calculate them. Our wallet on day 16 was $14635 (End of Day 15 Wallet: $7644 plus Host's End-Day Sale Value:$6991). If the professions were accurately taken into account (only our farmer sells crops, and only the fishers sell their fish) our end-day value would be $7157. This means our wallet's value on day 16 should be starting at $14801. Although in this example we only lose $166, on days when more items are sold this difference can get quite large

    While all this is easily circumvented by selling directly to stores (which we now do after realising the box is a cheapskate..), it sadly removes the convenience of the shipping box. Instead of spending a day doing things and then dumping our items in the box, we have to hold onto them until they can be taken to a store. I hope in future the box will be able to tell who has put an item in, and use that farmhand's profession to calculate accurate sale prices. I'd even be happy if the values were averaged, rather than being deleted if the Host lacks the profession.

    Image Proof:

    This is our wallet before going to bed:

    Our Tiller profession Farmer's end-day count up looks like this:

    Our Fisher profession Fishers get this screen:

    The next day, our wallet looks like this. (Start(7664) + HostsValue(6991) = $14635).
    • Cortain

      Cortain Tentacle Wrangler

      The calculations are currently based only on the skills of the host, this is not a bug. I sincerely hope that the developers will develop a solution for this.
      • Quinnelia

        Quinnelia Orbital Explorer

        Yup! Hence why I stated in my post it's using the host skills to calculate and that may be an issue that wasn't thought of, rather than a full-on bug:) We're also really hoping it gets solved!
        • KieferSkunk

          KieferSkunk Poptop Tamer

          I would say it's definitely a bug, in that even though it may be intentional to use the host to calculate the actual amount, clients are seeing different numbers from the host. The host should be the ultimate source of truth for all such events in the game, and that means the clients should be seeing what the host sees. As to whether the clients' skills should be taken into account for calculation, I agree they should be, but even if they decide NOT to do that, they should ensure everyone is seeing the same story.
          • Alcama

            Alcama Tentacle Wrangler

            My friend has like 5980 and I had like 0 money

            Whats the problem pls help?

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