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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by PhantomGem, May 3, 2018.

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    I already love the new beta multiplayer update and going back into my old single player world. Somethings are bothering me in both "game modes" per say. I would love the ability to move artifacts that you have placed in the museum when I got nothing to donate or already donated all the artifacts. Like make the museum an museum where I can make sections for gems, rocks, artifacts, and etc.

    In the multiplayer have a option to make the bag an all player upgrade and story quest like introductions and side quest like "so and so wants so and so for so and so" type, instead of just for one person. Same with reaching certain levels in the mine and only one person receiving the space boots. And don't know if its a bug or a game feature. When me and 3 others get a star drop it only seemed to affect one person. So thats kinda annoying, now we have to fight over them.

    Just a thought, nothing much.

    Edit: Also can their be a option where the owner of the house can only manage furniture or something similar, my friends just barge in take my window and fireplace. Like come on. Thats mine....
    Also in Abigail's married extension at night her windows still has the daylight image. (I know it may be bug, but might as well post it here with my other "thoughts")
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