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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Typlosion14, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. katzedial

    katzedial Space Hobo

    thank you very much! take your time, i love your work so far : )
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  2. Typlosion14

    Typlosion14 Starship Captain

    Thank for your feedback :D really appreciate ^^
    New update!
    I try to do what you ask
    Hope their is no bug but if you found any problem
    Please add me on discord at : Typlosion#7189
  3. TheButterfox

    TheButterfox Intergalactic Tourist

    hello! i have a slight problem, when i set it up to work with Frackin' universe, the steam play button and the FU instance are both like dead, they instantly crash, but i have the other instance and it works fine?
  4. Typlosion14

    Typlosion14 Starship Captain

    It's look like the problem come from the modpack and not the tool, when you say they instantly crash, you talk about the game or Multibound ?
    If you want to fix go send me a dm on discord for resolve that :
  5. rylasasin

    rylasasin Cosmic Narwhal

    Feature Request:

    - 5.Add a mod in Mods List
    Add "14. Add ALL mods" This would make it much easier than having to add each mod individually.

    - Fix Botch
    If Multibound Reborn Botches up, it leaves a bunch of ".disabled" folders and files everywhere. An option to "unbotch" those would be nice.
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  6. Typlosion14

    Typlosion14 Starship Captain

    I will watch for add this but i'm actually working on the 2.0.0 with Java UI (so i need to code from nearly 0) upload_2020-4-26_1-49-18.png
  7. Typlosion14

    Typlosion14 Starship Captain

    Hi folks,
    I'm happy to can say to you : I'm not dead
    I just have very much work to do for my school but I just finished my project of Java
    And I'm see that I can use Java to do a better graphical editor
    So I do it!
    With a (not) complet editor java
    The only thing I need to finish is the savelocation so PLEASE don't change it or you can comeback your save will be in the Instance Directory so you will need to move it manually if you change it, at you own risk
    ALSO you need to rebind you steamPath with the editor **AND NOT MANUALLY** because Java don't read path like Python
    Actually I want to do a lot of thing:
    - [ ] TODO Resize dynamic --> ALL JPanel
    - [ ] TODO Language --> fr.json etc
    - [ ] TODO Warning --> InstanceCreate
    - [ ] TODO Delete Instance --> EditorInstanceView
    - [ ] URGENT TODO if savelocation change --> Move files in the default save location -->(Maybe a warning like: "Are you sure to do that ?" also)
    - [ ] TODO catch transform in warning (or maybe a logs.txt) --> ALL
    - [ ] LITE TODO regex --> Instance
    - [ ] TODO clean Save --> Move All save files in default for clean--> CleanEditor
    - [ ] TODO blacklist compatibility -->ImportInstance
    - [X] TODO InstanceName delete .Disabled. and .disabled
    - [X] TODO Edit Launcheur
    - [ ] TODO Java Launcheur

    Here the link of the update:

    I also added this:

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  8. Lordtachanka2169

    Lordtachanka2169 Space Hobo

    Hey, the editor doesn't seem to work, when i try to create an instance, it doesn't work. the Accept button doesnt work.
  9. Typlosion14

    Typlosion14 Starship Captain

    For me that's work :/, do you config properly the Editor in the "Edit" section with the steamapps path ?, if you think yes, send me the config.ini
  10. Zombie_K11

    Zombie_K11 Yeah, You!

    "You need to have /common/Starbound and /Workshop/content/211820 available for working" what does that even mean
  11. Typlosion14

    Typlosion14 Starship Captain

    When you set the path you should select the steamapps directory in the Steam directory just that
    But some people (like me) choose a other directory than the default one for install games so I write like this for them
  12. MachineThreat

    MachineThreat Big Damn Hero

    I am running into the same issue with the program when attempting to edit existing instances or new ones.
    When selecting the instance and clicking on OK, it changes the window width, but does not display the mods to add or remove.
    Now. I will say that it DID work once or twice but seems to have stopped even after clearing the config File.
  13. Typlosion14

    Typlosion14 Starship Captain

    Sorry for the time I take for my respond I was working on 2.1.1,
    It's seems the problem come from the SteamApps path:
    The default one is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps"
    Try to change it in the Multibound Reborn Editor.exe and choose Edit in the config section
    If it's don't work try to use the new update with the logs and send me them
  14. Zombie_K11

    Zombie_K11 Yeah, You!

    ok so when I downloaded and installed the latest version of the mod I couldn't edit the mod packs I imported and when I try to edit the location it doesn't save it

    also why dop i get this error

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  15. typlosion0minecraft

    typlosion0minecraft Big Damn Hero

    Send me the config.ini and your steam location pls
  16. CreatorXd

    CreatorXd Space Hobo

    I can make a instance but I can't put mods in that instance no matter what. I checked my config.ini steamappspath settings, I double checked everything, but it doesn't work. Small box keeps saying "Loading Mods.." and my cursor is keep loading.
  17. Typlosion14

    Typlosion14 Starship Captain

    Try to looks in files/logs, I can look for the problems if you could send it pls
  18. smackdunk11

    smackdunk11 Orbital Explorer

    D:\MultiBound-master\files\Multibound Reborn.exe" %command% "

    i can't send the config.ini file

    so take a screenshot
    ya it doesn't save if i change it

    D:\MultiBound-master\Multibound Reborn.exe" %command%'

    D :

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  19. Typlosion14

    Typlosion14 Starship Captain

    Multibound Reborn need to be placed in the Starbound/win64 for working
  20. smackdunk11

    smackdunk11 Orbital Explorer

    D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\win64\Multibound Reborn.exe" %command%' is this correct

    does need to be just multibound
    also, I can't launch starbound though steam
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