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    At long last, the fabled successor to the legend is here. Well, it's... kind of been here for a bit, I just kind of forgot to ever actually make a post here <_<

    Get it here!

    What does this do that MultiBound v0.x doesn't?
    MultiBound 2 is built on C++17 and Qt 5.x instead of C# and the pile of crust that is GTK#. This results in far better UI polish, as well as (likely) a smaller memory footprint.

    Additionally, MultiBound 2 can automatically install/update Steam Workshop mods for you without having to launch Steam. (This happens automatically on installing or updating from a Workshop collection.)
    Note: This functionality requires the decryption key for Workshop mods, automatically obtained from Steam configuration files. If mod updates fail, make sure your Steam installation has at some point downloaded Workshop mods for Starbound.

    Visit the GitHub project page for more info.
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