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  1. Tali Yuri

    Tali Yuri Seal Broken

    I have started a new save file for this. So here is what I've gathered from day 1

    Language: Portuguese
    Operating System: (Windows 7)
    Build Version: v1.2.4

    Which part of the translation do you think is wrong, and why?
    1. When you press "Carregar" the string "Looking for Saved Games" is not translated. It should say "Procurando por Jogos Salvos"

    2.When reading Grandpa's Letter, he addresses himself as "côroa", this word doesn't have punctuation, should be "coroa"

    3. When arriving in Stardew Valley, the sign says 0.8km, in brazilian metric system we use a comma as decimal separator, not a dot, so it should be 0,8km

    4. I've created a female character and a few times the string is not set to the correct gender
    Bem-vindo should be Bem-vinda
    -Here when the mayor first talks to me
    -Here on TV

    5. When the mayor talks about coming at night to grab the items in the box to be sold. He says "Passarei a noite para pegar" this would mean he would spend the night to catch, the correct way should be with correct punctuation on that "a" to precisely mean he will come by AT night "Passarei à noite para pegar"

    6. First screen showing keyboard actions have SHIFT button assigned to "Andar" which means walk, but in settings you can see SHIFT assigned to CORRER which means run, it doesn't make you run, so ye.

    7. Sementes de cove-flor should be Sementes de couve-flor

    8. Another case of misgender, instead of "novo fazendeiro" it should be "nova fazendeira". This happened when talking to Caroline for the first time

    9. One of the signs in the clinic says Está clínica (this means "Is clinic) , it should say Esta clínica (this means "This clinic)

    10. When trying to buy something with Gus, he says "O que você teria?" that doesn't make any sense. He could say "O que gostaria?" "O que quer comprar?" or something like that

    11. When talking to Pam, she is saying her old name in pt-br localization "Pâmela"

    I'll keep playing and posting whatever else I find.
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    • inforcis BR

      inforcis BR Space Hobo

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    • mafi_93

      mafi_93 Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Language: Spanish
      Operating System: Windows 10
      Build Version: 1.2.4

      Suggestions to make it more neutral for our friends of south america.

      In Josh House Event, Alex says:
      - He empezado a darme cuenta de que... Bueno, de que he sido muy borde contigo.
      - He empezado a darme cuenta de que... Bueno, de que he sido muy grosero contigo. <<--Neutral.

      In summer_Mon, Abiail says:
      - David, mi cobaya, no soporta este clima tan cálido. Es un tiquismiquis.
      - David, mi cobaya, no soporta este clima tan cálido. Es muy quisquilloso. <<--Neutral.
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      • ghoulavenger

        ghoulavenger Intergalactic Tourist

        Crash/Bug Report
        Operating System:Windows 7
        Build Version: 1.2.4

        What happened? Did the game crash, freeze / lock up, or just do something wrong (e.g. use the wrong character's dialogue)? What did you expect to happen here?
        The game crashed.

        What were you doing in the game at the time?

        I was attempting to save for the night.

        Have you been able to trigger the bug or crash again by repeating what you did the first time?


        I found answering those questions kind awkward for explaining the problem. I posted over here:

        The basic idea is the game won't allow me to progress past summer 2 year 2. I've tried using the _old files and skipping through day 1 and 2 and it still crashes. MysticTempest suggested I post over here. and said lowering Elliot's friendship down to 250 or below would allow me to progress. Tested and it worked. But I'm a little bit baffled as to the issue. Posting here because it was recommended and if the bug isn't unique to me it needs to be addressed.

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        • wastedlife

          wastedlife Void-Bound Voyager

          Crash/Bug Report
          Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit
          Build Version: 1.2.4

          What happened? Did the game crash, freeze / lock up, or just do something wrong (e.g. use the wrong character's dialogue)? What did you expect to happen here?

          Crashes to desktop. Should complete fish caught animation and add fish to inventory.

          What were you doing in the game at the time?
          Happens when fishing in the Mountain Lake. Currently in the 15th of Fall, year 1. Looks like it is always when a chub is caught. It freezes during the catch animation and then crashes.

          Have you been able to trigger the bug or crash again by repeating what you did the first time?
          Yes, seems to happen whenever a chub is caught. Has not yet happened with other fish. Has happened multiple times.

          If the game crashed, attach (or link) your error logs.

          UPDATE: I loaded my wife's save, she is in the 25th of Fall, year 3. I was able to catch a chub in her game without the game crashing. I checked my collection and I have caught a chub before.

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          • lePascrafter

            lePascrafter Void-Bound Voyager

            Return the characters names to normal! The names before were better. And change the German Font to the English font because its better and smoother!!! Sry for my English but I'm a German
            • Anderson

              Anderson Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Bem observado amigo. Só acho que o bem-vindo da televisão não deveria ser alterado, afinal o apresentador não sabe quem está assistindo, então o correto seria bem-vindo mesmo, o telespectador é do gênero masculino. Belas observações
              • Tali Yuri

                Tali Yuri Seal Broken

                Na verdade, na maioria das vezes aparece Bem-vinda na TV, só em alguns casos (que creio estarem errados) aparece Bem-vindo, por isso reportei :)
                • Anderson

                  Anderson Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  Haaa, entendi ahahaha perdão. :rofl:
                  • KThomas14

                    KThomas14 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    I read about an issue with farming skill from users Xenonex and rabidcow. Basically, it sounds like the equation for determining crop quality has the order of operations incorrect, so it's using integer math in one spot when it should be using floating point math. Thus, the farming level is actually having no effect on crop quality. Two threads regarding this issue are here:, I haven't tested it myself, so I can't confirm which version of the game had the problem. I didn't see any indication that this potential bug had been acknowledged, so I wanted to bring it up again.
                    • DerBonk

                      DerBonk Industrial Terraformer

                      I am just going to say it again, because it was changed for the Portuguese version. I would also argue that the names of places and people should be left as they are in the original, for the most part. Especially if these names are not descriptive.
                      • tccoxon

                        tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                        v1.2.5 has just gone up with these changes:
                        • Fix for misplaced text on the "help wanted" billboard
                        • Fix for bundle pages not being closeable via the close button
                        • Fix for the heart character not showing in some languages (in for instance "<pet name> loves you. ♡")
                        • Some minor translation fixes in Portuguese and Spanish
                        • New fonts for Spanish, German, Portuguese and Russian (Eric added the characters we needed to his font :up:). A few notes:
                          • Please provide feedback about legibility!
                          • Plus ('+') signs appear as smiley faces for now. We know about this and are fixing it.
                          • We've noticed text overlaps UI and runs out of space in a few places in German and Russian. We're working on it, but please let us know where you see this happen.
                        For reference, here are the changes in the previous builds:

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                        • AleCsC

                          AleCsC Lucky Number 13

                          Developers, the new beta font Russian language is terrible, it is so terrible that the Russian community hates those who updated the font in the recent update (02.13.2017)
                          Old font, until the update has been much better.

                          Basically, all do not like capital letters within the proposals and the very font size is too large.
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                          • tccoxon

                            tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                            Could you be more specific with your feedback? Which fonts specifically are awful (the thin or the bold font?), and what is it that makes them awful? Thanks.
                            • AleCsC

                              AleCsC Lucky Number 13

                              Capital letters are among the proposals in Russia and the CIS called "fence", it does not look nice.
                              The font itself is very bold.

                              [​IMG] [​IMG]

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                              • RashleyToff

                                RashleyToff Void-Bound Voyager

                                It looks like: MuLTi LaNgUaGe OpeN BEta AvaIlAbLE
                                Really bad.
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                                • tccoxon

                                  tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                                  Alright haha, that's made it pretty clear. We'll adjust the heights of these letters to be more consistent.
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                                  • Jedi_of_good

                                    Jedi_of_good Space Hobo

                                    But text will still too "fat" and big. This is read very bad and not comfortable. Can you made not so much big font?
                                    • tccoxon

                                      tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                                      We're working on it.
                                      • Tigerle

                                        Tigerle Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                        Some comments on german suggestion here in this thread:
                                        Hit! should be translated with "Angebissen". "Treffer" means something like you have target a fish with your pole and you has hit him, what is some kind of strange. "Angebissen" means something like the fish has bitten.
                                        It is a Dorffest, not a Kirmes. A Kirmes is a feast for a consecration of a Church (Kirmes is short for Kirchmesse)
                                        Later on someon suggested "Stardew Valley Jahrmarkt", which is imho exactly, what this festival is.
                                        I think, "Saatgut-Extraktor" would be an even better translation
                                        I know a starfruit as Sternfrucht, what is quite a direct translation. For Carambola i had to google for...

                                        I think, Eisfestival would be nice, too

                                        And last, but not least:
                                        A charcoal kiln is something like a Kohlenmeiler, but not exactly the same. I don´t know a better translation, but this translation is misleading because today nobody uses charcoal kiln today here in germany and so nobody knows them anymore. But everybody knows "Atommeiler" which means nuclear reactor. And because of this the first thing, somebody thinks on, when hearing "Kohlenmeiler" is a coal power station...
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