Mudmen - The Mud People

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    The Mudmen
    My entry for the monster creation contest. This is not a creature, but a whole race. If i'd had to choose one of them, I would choose the tower battle formation.

    Because I'm not great at story telling and forming sentences that make sense, here is what you need to know.

    Crappy Short Lore~
    Since the beginning the earth's magic was always strong. The crystals and energies stored within it's riches have many times resulted in strange creations. One of them being mudmen. They are living mud people. They are created by powerful exhuming leftovers of magic. The dirt, water, rocks and mud then merge together and becomes alive. Like some sorts of elemental being. They roam within the earth, morphing with more and more mud and thus creating more and more mudmen. They spread like a plague below the grounds, consuming anything that gets in their way. They are the junk people of the underworlds.

    Mudmen are creatures made out of mud, dirt, crap and that sort of thing. They live underground in their huge maze of canals. The creatures themselves are about half a human's size, though they greatly vary. They usually have two stumpy short legs and two short arms located pretty much anywhere on their body, in pretty much any shape or form. Two big empty round eyes inhabit their heads and nothing more. They do not need to breath or eat, but they need some supply of water. They do not care about sun and warmth. Their purpose in life is to dig tunnels and breed. They do not have a leader, even though some are considered to be of higher rank, but instead they just merely exist and usually achieve greatness over others by stumbling upon a bigger and better pieces of junk.
    In behavior and by nature they are calm and careful. They are not particularly aggressive, unless you go poke about their terrain. They will however gladly charge at you if they feel you're outnumbered and even slightly frightened. The reason they kill their "prey" is only to take it's belongings and practically anything they can find useful. From bones to skin, nothing is of waste. The material gathered is not for shelter building, but for weapons and armor, which are usually "forged" with the themselves. Namely the armor, used as skin coating and extension of limbs.
    Mudmen, being made of mud, are particularly good at shape shifting, especially with their fellow comrades. They "melt" together forming different battle formations and structures. For example, a "tower", which consists of 3 mudmen standing on top of each other. The bottom one holds multiple shields and is well armored. The middle one carries spears to poke at the enemies, while the top one carries firearms for some long range poking. The most feared creation is so called "Mud titan" which can grow in size up to three times of a human. As they are the biggest and the strongest, they can claim all the found junk for themselves. Thus they are usually heavily plated with parts of buildings, vehicles, pipes, old fossils and pretty much anything. Its not rare to see a car filled with mud walking about.
    When not in formation, they are fast but clumsy creatures. They also cannot sustain a good beating as they will just splatter and die, even tho they are quite resistant to bullets and electricity. Their main strange comes in overwhelming numbers and their ability to adapt to any situation.

    Game wise~
    Mudmen alone would be pretty weak in endurance and wouldn't do much damage. Much like Slimes in Terraria, I guess? However they would never be alone. Either 2-4 at least, if not more. They would still be mid game enemies, or even late, as there are many possible creations they can make.
    I don't know how would the morphing work. Either they are already morphed, or they can morph whenever they feel like it and adjust to the situation.
    The mudmen would spawn underground, in smaller packs and in dwellings very near to the surface, but they would probably always need an air shaft connected to their cave. (Not so much for breathing, us for having escape routes and general ways to get on the surface)
    I have no idea how does the game's looting system work, but they would drop whatever junk they carry. Crafting materials, stolen weapons and stuff like that. They would also have some containers where they store their loot. Otherwise they don't have any buildings and shelters of any kind, except of course the empty, muddy caves.
    They could also be able to pick up weapons that players throw on the ground if their needs desire it, but of course that would be quite advanced.

    Some creatures~
    - Mudmen - Mudmen are mudmen. They carry different weapons, shields and armor. They are also different sizes and tougher based on those variables. (Maybe even different colors based on the type of soil they're made from)
    - Walkers - Are tall versions of normal mudmen. Their head supported on long weak necks and stumpy short legs, they are easy targets. Their main purpose tho, is for advanced transformation, wall clinging and climbing and assisting other mudmen to reach higher places. They can create platforms that players can also walk in, but they tend to let you fall instead.
    - Spawn/Queen - Giant mud "snails" that are really slow, but extremely beefy. They spawn other mudmen and can throw random junk, as well as mudmen, at the player. They project an aura of morale and jealousy, which means other mudmen are slightly better in combat and transform a lot easier when around the queen.
    - Tower - As stated before it consists of three mudmen on top of each other. Each one has some sort of weapon to deal with different situation. Quite beefy, but also quite slow. Comes in may variations.
    - Meat Ball - Ton of mudmen morphed together to form a rocky and spiky ball. Usually thrown or rolled by Titans. Comes in various sizes.

    Concept Art~

    Decided to add some more random stuff.
    Those creatures left are orbs of elements.
    The others are some dark machinery robots.
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    Teach me, master!
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    People weren't kidding when they said the more impressive entries were arriving at the last minute. These seem like they'll fit perfectly into starbound's procedurally generated planets.
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    You deserve to win, bro.
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    Yeah, seriously. The entries these past few days have really been good, though I doubt they'll win simply because the first ones had more time to develop their ideas. Look at Virorbs for example; if they had arrived last minute they would have been good, but the time and community response has made them a lot better.
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    Decided to add some more random stuff.
    Those creatures left are orbs of elements.
    The others are some dark machinery robots.
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    Wow... This .. is .. awesome.

    I really like your entry. Pretty impressing.
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    Love the thought put behind this entry and the different styles of illustrating it. :)
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    Nice idea and I like your art style, it makes them look kinda cute and funny. I'd definitely want one as a pet.

    The longer I look at them the more little details i see.
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    :raccoon: Omfg.. blew my mind:raccoon:
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    Really nice.
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    Digging. Their purpose in life is to dig! My damp brethren! :rofl:

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