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RELEASED Mr. Foxer's Fancy Headgear Pack 1.5.4

Fifty brand spankin' new hats to cover up your noggin.

  1. Deadcoffee

    Deadcoffee Void-Bound Voyager

    Throwing those to a yarnspinner is a good idea!
    I got confused though because your folders are encrypted and they were all green upon unzipping. It's not a bug or anything but maybe it would be better to not confuse players? idk
    But I love the hats and their sprites!
    Do I sense a small TF2 inspiration?
  2. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

    They shouldn't be so I'm not sure why you have that problem. I did look to TF2 for some inspirations but I didn't really find much that I liked there. Most of the hats are inspired by other games/movies like LA Noire (grey trilby, cop hat) and The Last of Us (welding helm).
  3. Deadcoffee

    Deadcoffee Void-Bound Voyager

    Hm, now I'm curious why the files appeared encrypted for me :speechless: I unzipped and threw the files to the mods folder just like tons of others before but it never happened. Hmm...
    Thanks for replying anyway!

    PS, LA Noire was an amazing game *-*
  4. StarScribe

    StarScribe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Could the recipes perhaps be moved to yarn spinner rather than a workbench and/or metal workstation?
  5. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

    That will be done in the next update which I will release soon.
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  6. StarScribe

    StarScribe Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yey! :D Thank you.
  7. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

  8. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

    Mr. Foxer updated Mr. Foxer's Fancy Headgear Pack with a new update entry:


    Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. Venom077

    Venom077 Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey, I'm an amateur coder, but a hobbyist pixel artist. I've been working on a mod to add mobster-like apparel and arms into the game for myself and my friends. It is alright If I repurpose (alter) the assets of your wonderful hats to work specifically into my mod, for distribution to my friends?
  10. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

    Yeah okay.
  11. Goenitz

    Goenitz Void-Bound Voyager

    hi, it's seem that the paper boy hat have some problems with long hair, it look like make taking my head the shape of a square
  12. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

    Sorry about that, I will try to fix that in the next update. It's difficult to make sure all the hats look correct given the amount of different hair styles in the game.
  13. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

  14. maruruz

    maruruz Intergalactic Tourist

    can i ask why cant i find the hats in the yarn spinner mind explaining it? X3
  15. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

    You put the folder you unzipped into the mods folder, correct?
  16. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

  17. Vegetable Lamb

    Vegetable Lamb Existential Complex

    Now we just need a bunch of Venetian ball masks. Maybe some animal skin hoods (wolf, bear, etc).
  18. phoenixoke

    phoenixoke Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Just a recommendation, wouldn't it be better if you change the name hat with the name 'bean' to something else ? Bean could point to food, or growable plant, so by change the name into a beanhat or bean*** will be much better and cause less conflict in the future.
  19. Mr. Foxer

    Mr. Foxer Guest

    Yeah sure, I was thinking about doing animal hats.
    That's the name of the hat so I'm not gonna change it. I don't think there are any "bean" recipes in the game anyway, at least not in the yarn spinner.
  20. Dr PooGas

    Dr PooGas Space Spelunker

    you're right on. More Food Mod just added a "bean" in a recent update so its now incompatible with this mod. i posted it on MFM's forum too. they'll hopefully fix it since this was the first bean ;p

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