Modding Help Moving the Shipping Container [FHR]

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Savveh, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. Savveh

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    So I'm currently in the process of converting my MTN farm over to Farmhouse Redone. I've gotten everything I need to work except for the shipping container. I used the map property in Tiled with FHR to move the shipping lid over to where I want it, and it plays the sound and opening animation when I walk up to it. But there's no interaction. You can't interact with where it used to be either. It's like it was deleted instead of being moved.

    If I delete the map property in Tiled the lid will stay in the original position and I can interact with it there just fine, but then it's halfway across the map from where I want it to be and not connected to the bottom of the shipping bin.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding and FHR only allows the animation to be moved rather than the point of interaction, but if that's the case wouldn't the old POI still be in it's original location? Is there any way to move the POI so that I can use the shipping container in the new location? Everything else with FHR (Greenhouse, farmhouse, mailbox, spouse area, warp statue) work fine. It's just the shipping bin I'm having issues with.

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