RELEASED [Moved] Harvest Moon Season Soundtracks + Extras

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  1. vroomsegway

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    Hello everyone! This mod was suppose to be released WAY SOONER, but the guide that I read was very non-specified. (or am I just very stupid and slow) Thanks for the guide @Drogean ;)

    NOT all the soundtrack from Harvest Moon are included in here, but the seasonal theme and some others are changed too.
    The rar should have the edited file and the original(backup). Go ahead and extract them to:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content\XACT

    Anyway, here is it :)

    These are the list of the soundtracks that I'm planning to change. These are not very accurate so go ahead and give me a reply for which soundtrack I should change to what?

    (id of the audio) - (the title of the audio) - (what I replaced the audio for)
    0b4 - Country Shop -
    0c0 - Settling in -
    0be - Cloud Country -
    0c6 - Mine Danger! -
    0d7 - Mine Magical Shoes -
    0d8 - In The Deep Woods -
    02a - (unknown) -
    02b - (unknown) -
    02c - (unknown) -
    02d - (unknown) -
    02e - (unknown) -
    02f - (unknown) -
    05d - Spring (The Valley Comes Alive) - Harvest moon (Spring)
    05c - Spring (Wild Horseradish Jam) -
    05d - Spring (It's A Big World Outside) -
    05e - Pelican Town -
    162 - midnight (late night silent) -
    14f - Main Menu Stardew Valley Overture - Harvest moon (Main)
    07f - Load menu
    073 - -
    079 - Fall (The Smell Of Mushroom) - Harvest moon (Fall)
    068 - Wedding - Harvest moon (wedding)
    12c - Fun Festival - Harvest moon (Festival Fun)
    12d - Flower Dance - Harvest moon (Festival Solemn)

    Mega (15-03 Harvest Moon season swap)

    Harvest Moon SNES OST
    Harvest Moon A wonderful Life OST
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    • masalone01

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      cheer up ^
      • orfeus369

        orfeus369 Yeah, You!

        Nice! I can't wait for AWL OST!
        • NiseSonzai

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          Should try for an entire soundtrack change. Like using different fall themes to replace all fall themes in Stardew. Like. Harvest moon more friends of mineral town. Harvest moon grand bazaar, tale of two towns. Stuff like that.

          As for pelican town I'd suggest trying to find a theme that best fits that area that revolves around a legitimate town theme.

          The shops can have the similar thing of maybe having a different town theme?
          • Blazer Kai Ivan

            Blazer Kai Ivan Tentacle Wrangler

            Pelican town- Harvest Moon FOMT town theme
            • Blazer Kai Ivan

              Blazer Kai Ivan Tentacle Wrangler

              Also Rune Factory music for places with monsters
              • Blazer Kai Ivan

                Blazer Kai Ivan Tentacle Wrangler

                Load Menu- Rune Factory 3 load menu
                Spring(wild horseradish jam)- Spring Rune Factory Frontier theme
                • vroomsegway

                  vroomsegway Void-Bound Voyager

                  I'll try.
                  • PennyRoyalTea

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                    THIS is the best. Cannot play SV without this mod *-* thank you so much <3
                    • SusuBeatrice

                      SusuBeatrice Yeah, You!

                      Really.. I can't thank you enough for this Mod. Harvest Moon is one of my favorite games! This music makes Stardew Valley even more awesome!
                      • Blazer Kai Ivan

                        Blazer Kai Ivan Tentacle Wrangler

                        My Ideas:
                        Mine Danger:Rune Factory Frontier Whale Island Cave Depths
                        In the Deep Woods- Rune Factory Whale Island Fin
                        • Anag

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