RELEASED [MOVED] Harvest Moon & Rune Factory Music Soundpacks + .wav List

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Which music from what game series do you want to add to Stardew Valley?

  1. Harvest Moon

  2. Rune Factory

  3. Animal Crossing

  4. Others...

  1. SonoTheHedge

    SonoTheHedge Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    *Moved from most mods to this SFX/Music Thread!*

    I played a lot of Stardew Valley and I loved it very much,but some musics in-game aren't quite fancy for me so I decided to change musics into one of my favorite farming + RPG games, Harvest Moon and Rune Factory.

    This music pack overwrites Original Musics and Ambient from game.

    <For Stardew Valley V1.1, and beyond>

    <Songs added>

    - HM : Back to Nature
    - HM :The Tale of Two Towns
    - HM : Animal Parade
    -RF : 3
    - RF : Frontier
    - RF : Tides of Destiny / Oceans
    <Change Logs & Downloads>
    [Game V1.05]
    Initial Version.

    Added some music from Rune Factory.

    Added even more music + new sound when fainting.

    [Game V1.1, and further]

    For latest version, still same songs

    Below is a list of .wav I managed to find for people who want to change their own music.
    My music is also on the list. And everyone can start contributing which .wav sounds so we can know which music to replace!
    --> List Here <--

    I don't take requests but you can give me ideas for which song/SFX from Harvest Moon/Rune Factory I should replace/add to the game! Also you can comment an idea on the list too, I'm thankful for your ideas!
    * Musics in some Wave Banks might not be as same in the list, please look before download. *

    This music pack is vanilla, so no need for SMAPI to use it. Just follow the steps below.

    <How to install this music pack>
    1. Backup your original Wave Bank.xwb from \Stardew Valley\Content\XACT\​
    2. Rename the downloaded file to Wave Bank.xwb.​
    3. Overwrite the original file with the downloaded file.​
    4. Happy farming!​
    <To uninstall this music pack>
    Replace the file with original Wave Bank you saved.

    - For modding process and his efforts.
    ConcernedApe - For this amazing game!
    Marvelous Entertainment - For both beautiful + amazing games and soundtracks.
    Mucchan - For his list of .wav files.

    Modding Page

    Drogean's More Music Mod
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    • Anag

      Anag Space Spelunker

      Doesn't work for me anymore when tried to add it again. Getting stuff like this from SMAPI

      edit: seems that all music packs are not working now

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      • SonoTheHedge

        SonoTheHedge Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        You don't need SMAPI, you just replace the original Wave Bank with my customized one.

        This sound pack is totally vanilla. Legit vanilla. No modding codes involved. Just a replacement in normal sound files.

        or did you check your Content file if your Wave Bank is still in there?
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        • Zalkyria

          Zalkyria Existential Complex

          There is something in there that smapi doesn't like I guess. I don't get why smapi is even picking it up since its a wave file
          • Anag

            Anag Space Spelunker

            Yep. Tried to launch with vanilla and it worked. Problem is with smapi, somehow.
            • Momo-ish

              Momo-ish Tentacle Wrangler

              I have also noticed that it worked before the new update with stardew valley. But then I updated the game and now it doesnt work. I really liked the songs too. Wonder why it is not compatible with the new update?

              Edit: I figured it out! Once the update happened, it replaced the music file back to the old one! For anyone who had this previously, re-download it and replace it again. :D
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              • SonoTheHedge

                SonoTheHedge Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                Sorry guys for having no updates at all for the past few weeks.

                I'm having a lot going on with that I can't work on with the music.

                But I'll work on it soon enough, please hold on to your seats! :{
                • Blazer Kai Ivan

                  Blazer Kai Ivan Tentacle Wrangler

                  wow really Rune Factory OST???? This is a must download for me then.:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3
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                  • Blazer Kai Ivan

                    Blazer Kai Ivan Tentacle Wrangler

                    Wait SMAPI doesnt work?????
                    But mine works just fine.
                    • Zalkyria

                      Zalkyria Existential Complex

                      It works just fine. I think the thing that happened was when the update had happened in steam it replaced the music file. So it was confused, once I rereplaced it, everything has been fine since.
                      • Anag

                        Anag Space Spelunker

                        I have to start game once without SMAPI whenever I change music file, or I get that error. Strange bug, I guess it's with the game. With 1.06 didn't work at all for some reason.
                        • cankersaur

                          cankersaur Pangalactic Porcupine

                          Would you happen to have/be able to obtain the voices?
                          • Zalkyria

                            Zalkyria Existential Complex

                            I hope this gets updated with 1.1 if not I could try to update it temporarily.
                            • KaelRhain

                              KaelRhain Void-Bound Voyager

                              Waiting for 1.1, this soundtracks are so fitting.
                              • Osovich

                                Osovich Space Hobo

                                is this compatible with 1.1?
                                • Keishi

                                  Keishi Lucky Number 13

                                  It is somewhat, I ended up getting a crash on the 4 heart event scene with shane since he had no music added. Just be careful if you befriend everyone like me:/
                                  • SonoTheHedge

                                    SonoTheHedge Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    Dear guys,

                                    I'm extremely busy and currently studying in Culinary Arts which is totally time consuming, and with housework and homework, I'm drowning in tiredness and hectic.

                                    And I say that I have confession...

                                    I developed this music pack on 'pirated' version of the game, much to my shame, so I started to save up to be able to get full-fledged game version. So I guess the mod development will take a halt until I get a legit game.

                                    So please sit tight, I'll be back soon enough.

                                    Keep on farming!

                                    • SonoTheHedge

                                      SonoTheHedge Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      Updated for 1.1+! Enjoy!
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                                      • Zalkyria

                                        Zalkyria Existential Complex

                                        YAAAAY IM SO EXCITED TO BE USING THIS AGAIN!!! THANK YOU!!!
                                        • SonoTheHedge

                                          SonoTheHedge Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                          You're welcome! :rofl:
                                          Enjoy! www
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