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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by kepral, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. kepral

    kepral Seal Broken

    im sure other people have suggested this in the past, and I know it’s not only my issue, but please change the mechanics so I can pass through my dog/cat, or even other people.
    I’m so tired of getting locked out of my own house by my dog. Idk if walking into them and forcing them to move works or is successful on other platforms, but on iOS in a tiny house where the joystick won’t shows up or function.... I just want to get into my own house.
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    • Kurachi84

      Kurachi84 Cosmic Narwhal

      aside from walking through them by walking into them for a bit, i'd love to see this
      many people think this (also with your kids), so i bet CA will see it
      • kepral

        kepral Seal Broken

      • Kurachi84

        Kurachi84 Cosmic Narwhal

        wow, looks unplayable to me already o_O
        and then a pet in front making it worse..... yikes
        but i just said that even though it's possible (for most, i guess) to walk through a pet by pushing, it's better if we can just walk through it right away
        • shybobcat

          shybobcat Void-Bound Voyager

          I came to post the same thing: make all animals in the game walk-through. I also had been locked out of my house/bed by my dog several times. Aside from that, it would help a lot inside a coop or a barn if we could just walk through the animals.
          • StinkBeanZ

            StinkBeanZ Tentacle Wrangler

            I hope i can lift up my pet and my chickens but nope
            • WilliamZ

              WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

              Just a tip until your idea is implemented: if your pet is in the way of something that you want to use, exit and enter again in your house, so your pet position will reset.
              • Kurachi84

                Kurachi84 Cosmic Narwhal

                afraid it doesn't work inside the house, though
                if you stay away long enough, but otherwise (an hour before 2 AM) you'll be stuck

                makes one wish you could put a bed in a shed, just so that you could do stuff there, and if it's late, you sleep there.... or a tent, for anywhere (not in the mines, of course, just outside), and just wake up in bed again

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