Motion Compensation for Mech Targeting.

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    The main problem with ranged mech weapons in star-bound is the lack of motion compensation. Now I am not talking about auto aim you will still need to lead moving targets but rather the fact that there is no adjustment for the mech's own motion. basically the movement of the mech effects the aim of the projectiles to a point where you cant rely on the targeting system at all because unless the mech is completely still, the bullet will rarely if ever actually impact within the cross-hairs. Now once again I am not asking for auto aim but rather motion compensation so that when you fire a weapon while moving the bullet will actually hit the location where the crosshairs where when the weapon was fired.
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    So, your bullets have a little curve so they hit your crosshairs or your mech's arms move so that they hit the crosshairs?
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    Automatically adjusting the mech's arms to counter the mech's velocity is more realistic. you wouldn't want to add in a curve because unlike on earth where projectiles are effected by wind and gravity, projectiles in space always travel in a straight line unless your talking guided missiles which are self propelled and can course adjust. Honestly the method behind the mechanism doesn't matter as long as the cross-hairs are accurate
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