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Most Wanted Updates

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Vegetable Lamb, Sep 7, 2015.

  1. Vegetable Lamb

    Vegetable Lamb Existential Complex

    This last update was amazing! Kudos guys!

    For me:
    • Get the recoloring of items and clothing/armor in place.
    • Finish getting all backgrounds/biomes/plants into the world
    • More Monsters and mounts. I remember that cool antelope mount that was on a piece of art for the game , and I desperately want to see it in game.
    • Terraforming - we have some of this, I think, but not all of it. I really want to fine tune my control over the planets.
    • More armor that isn't race based. Go crazy and give me furniture theme armors as well as just plan crazy stuff. We have enough weapons now, but more armor is a must. Also more clothing options.
    • More decore/furniture. You can never have too much, and I want a nice dark lord sauron-ish set before this is done.
    • More hair. Seriously.
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  2. Oberic

    Oberic Spaceman Spiff

    Gonna input my opinions on your list, if I have an opinion to share on each note.
    I think letting us use the paint tool on gear would be a good way to do it.
    We do need more monster types. They put out some teasers and potential test monster update things a while back, and that got me really excited.
    Haven't yet seen much come from that (/spawnmonster hugebiped # works decently). I was looking forward to crawling type monsters (they had an animation for climbing background blocks, not just walls!), and the mixed up monster types could have been interesting as well.
    We did get monster colors matching biomes, which is kinda neat. And monster special attacks are more interesting finally, so that's a plus.
    I assume they'll add more vanity and armor equipment eventually. I would love some non-racial armor to loot or craft to progress, and more vanity items in general is always a welcome addition.
    Definitely. Pleased Giraffe took the game a LOT of directions I was hoping Starbound would go with furniture. There's a lot of neat stuff to craft with various ores.
    But there needs to be a bit more of it.

    Am I supposed to list what I want to see as well?
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  3. teilnehmer

    teilnehmer Existential Complex

    I'm very much looking forward to

    - random quests: sometimes I just want some dude or dudette I've never met before to tell me to fetch them some arbitrary stuff.

    - scannable blocks: instead of mining away the beautiful scenery, I want to scan the blocks and then print them at my 3D-printer.

    - food buffs should matter: I want the farming to pay off more, so combinable effects or longer buffs (for high level recipes) would be great!

    The good thing is: I'm very sure all this is in the pipes. :)
  4. Scouserbaku

    Scouserbaku Void-Bound Voyager

    Quick Stash / Auto Stash
  5. Mood

    Mood Big Damn Hero

    Build your own ship.
  6. Oberic

    Oberic Spaceman Spiff

    Well I have some wanted things too, I might as well throw a little of it out there!
    Edit: now with spoiler box for reasons!

    • More colors for the paint tool.
      I know it's a pain to add more, but it's something I'd like to see. Brown (I like orange, but it's NOT brown) and Pink are unseen. Light blue could be nice.
      • If the paint tool could be used to dye clothing, more colors for it would be a must (maybe right clicking with it would bring up a palette instead of cycling colors? yes/no?
    • Vanilla gun/ranged weapon type variety:
      • Implement the unused gun types (Globe Launcher, Shattergun, Burst Rifle, maybe Stinger Gun but that one requires the Hive Biome. I have a mod that adds them but I'd rather it be in Vanilla), they're seriously very fun gun types and add a lot to the game, why they aren't used is.. mind-bottling!
      • More types of guns could be added, here's some examples:
        • Arm Cannons. Featuring charge-attacks, think Samus or Megaman. (Although Samus' arm cannon can charge AND alt-fire missles. If two-handed, they'd be like Samus', one handed = Megaman's. :3)
        • Gatling Guns. Firing faster as you keep firing, tons of weaker bullets. Either immobile or forced to walk while firing. Low risk/reward.
        • Bows. Same as the crafted ones, but randomly generated.
        • Rail-Guns. Can't move while charging a shot, must be charged to fire, super-dangerous beam or cannon shot. High risk/reward.
        • Missile launchers. Ground/Area-targeted. They'd arc through the air at semi-random upward-angles, but end up where your mouse was when you clicked. Lower damage than rocket launchers.
        • Mortars. Slower moving rocket/bomb launcher affected by gravity, likely with a large area of effect or dealing more damage the longer it's in the air.
        • Laser Rifles/Pistols. Firing an actual beam (long constant beam (Gnome Gun does this now, but arcs) or shorter "pew pew lazorz" are both fine) rather than a plasma pellet.
    • Gun issues/improvements that CF hasn't mentioned yet.
      • Rare guns are currently the same as Uncommon guns. Fix that.
      • Ammo types are more limited than ever before, except for rocket launchers which gained four new types. Fix that.
      • There are gun reloading sounds in the files, maybe have them play if you fully drain your energy via gun-firing.
      • More possible modifiers and code possible to use for generated guns, for example:
        • powerProjectiles are a mess right now (I have a mod using them), there is no way to make things like charge attacks (how I use powerProjectiles in my mod) on generated guns cost more energy, or do more damage without rigging up special projectile files..
          or for the gun to cause powerProjectiles to have modified speed *.
      • Although alt-fire has been announced for guns coming Soon™, there are some things I'd like to see (won't be too sad if they don't happen):
        • Right-click lock-on homing modifier. Would cause projectiles fired from the weapon to curve or home-in on the targeted enemy (of course the lock-on would fall off after like 5-10 seconds).
        • Temporary Turret. Fairly obvious, it would place a turret in the nearest viable spot that fires the same as your weapon (the one with the Turret power). Maybe firing until it spends one full non-regenerating energy bar.
        • Triple-shot right click: Would fire three of your main shot, rather than firing the terrible trishot bullet. Costing 3x-4x energy (since it would be full shots, it could shotgun enemies or bosses very hard)
    • Upgrade-able Yarn Spinner. It would allow us to craft vanity gear (non-lootable kinds) from various blocks and resources (Cobblestone Armor? Literal Flowers Dress? Alien Striped-Wood armor? yes please), as well as racial clothing of other races. Could also double as the dye station, if the paint tool doesn't get that spot (I vote paint tool, but upgraded vanity station would be amazing).
    • More planet/biome types and planet/biome improvements. Yes I know they're doing this. I'm greedy.
      I want to see full-blown Swamp planets (like Frackin' Universe has. They're AMAZING!), the return of the Savannah.. Heck (oh that one too), just put Frackin' Universe into vanilla.
    • Currently existing Swamp and Mushroom biomes without a mushroom/frog village. Not a big deal, but it doesn't feel great to massacre frog dudes.
    • Geysers. Actual working natural geysers. They would be great on volcanic planets, or in forests, or other neat places. A simple alternate eternal-liquid source could work, pumping lots of extra liquid into its tile at random intervals.
    • Creature Capture System updates. This one is probably coming in a few patches, but I REALLY want this, it's half the reason I bought Starbound. I'd love to see it fleshed out soon.
    I'm sure I have a lot more I could type, but I'm out of time. I know Starbound can become one of the greatest games ever made. It just needs time and love.

    *Did you know the Buster charge shot has a speed value of 1? The Buster itself applies the speed to it. Buster also applies a 3.0 damage modifier, as well as (used to atleast) apply a 3.0 energy cost modifier. Generated guns can't do any of this with the same busterchargeshot.projectile file.

    Chucklefish can take all the time they need as long as they keep up the quality updates. :) <3
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  7. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    I'd like them to add hunger and temperature back in (as an optional mechanic) so people stop complaining about it.
  8. Kerghan

    Kerghan Tentacle Wrangler

    I agree. I don't even know why they've been removed in the first place ?

    Personally, I would like to see more background in the game (well it's probably already planned I guess, but...). I'm always interested with the background about the races or simply about the world/universe in general in a game. Actually, all I could think of has already been planned for futures updates (more biomes, more quests, NPC, etc...).

    Maybe a system to customize the upgrade of your ship. Like the number of rooms you want to add (with a limit per upgrade of course), their size, and where you want to place them.
    And even AFTER the upgrade, you could still add some rooms if you haven't reach the limit. Something like that.
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  9. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    It was because it didn't really add anything to the game, and they wanted to make it more meaningful before it was re-added. Personally, I can do without it. It just obstructs the player from the meat of the game, like exploration and building.
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  10. Ironbeak

    Ironbeak Big Damn Hero

    Most of all, I'm excited to see the main storyline. I want to experience the racial backstory quests and fight bosses. But in addition to that:
    • Mounts would be extremely fun, especially if you could capture and ride larger monsters, and if they had some unique moves in combat.
    • An improved creature capture system would be great--it's a pain having a bunch of identical capture pods in your inventory, and to have to kill your creatures to recapture them.
    • More monsters. More monsters. All the monsters.
    I sort of miss hunger, too, but I can wait.
  11. Platysaur

    Platysaur Big Damn Hero

    Another race. Seriously, what's up with that blank spot on the stone portal at the outpost?
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  12. STCW262

    STCW262 Giant Laser Beams

    It belongs to an extict species.
  13. Platysaur

    Platysaur Big Damn Hero

    "Extinct." That they know of.... Right? :)
  14. Kerghan

    Kerghan Tentacle Wrangler

    We can't be sure that it belongs to an extinct species, this is another debate/subject however.
  15. SugarShow

    SugarShow Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Poop furniture.
    More haircuts.
    Big Giant monsters.
    Can evolve captured monsters.
    Destroy planets/Solar Systems.
    Can explore planet using ship.
    Developers on outpost and be able to whip them.
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  16. The Squid

    The Squid Oxygen Tank

    -The new missions!
    -More vehicles
    -More furniture (of course)
    -More minibosses
    -More playable arcade games (It'd be cool if we could play Starbound within the game of Starbound).
  17. Ironbeak

    Ironbeak Big Damn Hero

    [​IMG] Um ... what?
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  18. MrHiggle

    MrHiggle Existential Complex

    Right? That would seem obvious for them to add that.
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  19. Silverforte

    Silverforte Spaceman Spiff

    It did for me.

    I want:

    1) a robust town system with block protection that costs pixels to keep up and allows you to invite residents. See: towny for Minecraft or Tshocks housing plugin for Terraria

    2) hunger and temperature back as an option for immersion

    3) better terraforming, the dungeon master mode talked about pre-launch

    4) better server optimization

    5) better server tools

    6) server-to-client file transfer so servers can use mods without users who do not have them crashing upon proximity to the unowned assets

    7) server-side files to prevent hacking and a grouping system as seen in any Permissions plugin for Minecraft or Tshock for Terraria

    8) a fix for large quantities of water so that they do not drain randomly and so that water doesn't eat up so much memory when moving. I want to be able to hand-craft seas

    9) a fix for the bug that causes water to pour through offscreen blocks as well as rain to come through offscreen blocks. This bug has been there since LAUNCH

    10) a way to hide headgear

    11) an electricity/fuel system for electronics so that we'd have to have energized power cells to put inside computers, machines and doors. We would need a way to generate power into a cell, such as hydroelectricity or solar power. We'd need more machines and pistons, elevators and more in order to validate such an addition. Teleporters are one thing that could benefit from this. This one is just a pipe dream of mine I was hoping to see in a mod

    12) vehicles to be made static, real objects. I've never liked that they just *poof* into existence when you use them like MMO mounts. I think they should exist in the world persistently and you can get in them with passengers, then get out of them and they stay where you got out of them at.

    13) Air vehicles. We need jets, airships and the like

    14) More sea vehicles. Why do we not have more boats? Imagine a yacht that you and your friends could get on.

    This is my personal wishlist.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2015
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  20. MindExplorer

    MindExplorer Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Indeed. I even would prefer this over vehicles. But this is just me. ;)

    You seem to not have been playing around with pets for a longer while now.
    You can't kill your own pets (same with your tenants)! And to put them back like a pokemon-trainer you have to use another capture-pod.

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