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Most recent Spring Y1 min/maxing results (128 sprinklers, 166k g) + question about community here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PrincessBubblegum, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. PrincessBubblegum

    PrincessBubblegum Master Chief

    Hey everyone, I chill over at the subreddit (and very recently the discord) but I'm new to this forum. I was wondering how big or passionate the min/max community is here? The subreddit doesn't seem to really be into min/maxing, aside from a few people who have had very good results. And min/maxing is pretty much the only thing I care about in this game, so it's hard to talk about strategies in depth with people. It'd be more fun and motivating to have others who min/max as well.

    I exclusively min/max without using any cheats or exploits. This includes the mushroom floor exploit. I think abusing the mushroom floor is cheating, entirely dependent on RNG which is unhealthy for a game, and is not fun at all for me (easily would've gotten an extra 60k+ gold with how many times I saw the floor). Also, I have somewhere around 500 hours in the game since I started playing on June 25, 2018. Having said that, I'd like to share my most recent run:

    My farm at the end of Spring Y1: https://upload.farm/1GjrfC

    128 sprinklers + 166k earnings w/ 83k in pocket for the start of Summer. This should allow me to buy around 1025 hops at least, with somewhere around 30k gold leftover. Not entirely sure what the best way to spend that extra gold would be, do you have suggestions? I'm thinking about spending most of it on wood so I can finish tapping all my trees and start making kegs.

    I have 58 Oak Trees planted off my farm, only about 1/3 of them are fully grown right now, the rest should finish soon. I have 27 fully grown Oak Trees on my farm, and I'm harvesting their acorns pretty regularly. Yes, my farm looks pretty bad right now because I'm trying to build everything around my oak trees so I can harvest as many acorns as possible from them. And I'm a lot slower with the trees in this save file because I was hyper-focused on mining this time.

    I'm still not sure what a realistic Y1 goal would be, but I think around 7M seems reasonable. And maybe around 70M for Y2.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully answering my questions :)

    uK8WHA7 - Imgur.png
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    • ShneekeyTheLost

      ShneekeyTheLost Spaceman Spiff

      Hey there. Fellow min/maxer here. There's not very many of us 'round these parts, but there are a few.

      First off, I'm impressed with the number of sprinklers you have. That's a lot of gold bars you've got there. Must've really rushed mines to get that much. I'm guessing your furnaces are in the tunnel?

      The mushroom level is a perfectly predictable algorithm that has an origin based on your instance seed. Heck, someone's even created a web tool where you can plug in your save file, and it will tell you which level (if any) it is going to be on any given day. The logic is simple: Within a minimum and maximum level, it will ascend one level each day until it hits the top, then wraps around to the bottom. It won't spawn on any day in which it should be on a level divisible by 5, or if it is overwritten by other generation. The only RNG is its starting point on Spring 1. Once located, keeping tabs on it is trivial.

      You aren't going to be able to have more than a fraction of your hops brewed by the end of the year, even growing at a rate of 60 kegs per week. I'd have gotten Morris to fix the Bus so I could get Starfruit instead, as it is more profitable when you can't brew everything. Unless your goal is to use Seed Makers to produce Ancient Seeds, thrown into the Greenhouse for early maturation and cycling.

      I'd have also made sure to put down a Greenhouse with 30 Pomegranate trees in it with those sorts of available funds, and make myself 60-90 preserves jars. They just cost wood, stone, and coal so there isn't much resource competition with kegs (wood being the only common resource, which can be purchased from Robin at need), and are the single most profitable thing you can put in your greenhouse, even if they take a season to grow. Eventually, of course, they'll be kegged, but even as Preserves, they're more profitable than Ancient Fruit, and you'll want them fully grown so that you can grow your 74 hops and 30 ancient fruit as son as you can. This lets you continue producing a million and a half throughout your winter strictly from your greenhouse. Your final crop of ancient fruit can be turned into more seeds for outdoors. Planted on Deluxe Speed Grow (available Spring1, year 2), they are the single most profitable per square crop you can plant.

      In short, I'd have put less work into getting quite so many sprinklers, and more effort into making sure that I can process 100% of what I make, but YMMV.
      • BentFX

        BentFX Cosmic Narwhal

        I don't want to sound rude, but I'm curious...
        If you're min/maxing and talking about 1,000+ hops, why would you spread your sprinklers out like that?
        also curious about combat... How did you mine that much gold and only kill six Lava Bats? I can understand simply avoiding other creatures but bats you can't really avoid, can you?
        also, what crops have you got planted that are grown like that on Summer 1?

        I'm confused.
        • One More Day

          One More Day Big Damn Hero

          I'd say I'm definitely in the min/max camp, but I have no idea how you manage to get that much gold, and all those crops too.

          First off, and most importantly, It looks like you have 240 strawberries. At 100g each for the seeds, I'm really struggling to work out how you managed to afford 24k worth strawberry seeds on day 13, and yet you only hit fishing 7, which is only about four days of fishing. That's nowhere near enough money for that many strawberries. I've done 220+ strawberries, once, and I fished the whole time to afford it. If you did it with ~220 potatoes instead of fish (no other crop makes sense) then that's an up front cost of about 11,000g. I doubt you even caught enough fish to buy the spuds, certainly not with enough spare considering some of the other costs you must have had. Plus it's an insane amount of watering, in fact I'd say an unsustainable amount watering that early, without salmonberries. There's not even enough time to upgrade to have upgraded to a copper can for at least the first bit, making it about 420E every day just to water those potatoes. And you'd need to replace 150E each day just to get back to 0 after doing so, never mind the energy to do anything for the rest of the day. Spring onions and food found in garbage won't fuel that, but you're clearly not eating field snacks if you're going oak tree crazy outside the farm, so that's out too. So if you didn't do it with crops or fish..... how did you get the strawberries other than with biblical amounts of rain for watering, something that you couldn't have predicted you would get?

          Also, 128 sprinklers, is... wtf? I'm guessing you need at least ten furnaces simply to smelt it all, probably more. I had, I think, nine furnaces going when I hit 75 sprinklers. The stones for furnaces are trivial, but that's a lot of copper. Plus surely a minimum of at least all four copper tool upgrades, is, at a bare minimum, a total of 640 gold ore, 640 iron ore, 300+ copper ore, 128 quartz and at least 400 coal. You seem to have killed enough dust sprites for the coal, but that leaves even less time for mining the ore. And how it that possible to mine that much resource, while keeping all those crops watered, before you fitted the sprinklers? There's not enough time in the day, unless maybe you had about ten straight days of rain. And remember, in 1.3, because the levels no longer regenerate immediately, you can't simply run up and down the same ladder to farm ore on levels 21, 41, 61, 81 or 101 any more. Not to mention all the chopping; amid all that, you found time to clear all the trees and also plant 57 oaks outside the farm. Oh, and the time to run up and down furnaces, smelting 400 bars of metal and quartz. On that one time where I did plant 220+ strawberries, I crashed and burned badly on enough time to mine, and I think I barely limped to 40 sprinklers, and certainly I didn't clear almost every tree on the farm.

          And simply finding that much quartz seems unreal, especially considering you don't have the Foraging 5 Gatherer profession for the chance of a double forage.

          Then there's the question of the energy required to break all those nodes, water all those crops and do all that chopping; you're probably looking at untold hundreds of salmonberries, which even if they weren't finite, again takes another almost four full days away from mining. You can't have eaten the strawberries, because then I can't see how you would have earned enough for your end of season numbers.

          I'm almost prepared to believe this might just be on the limit of what's possible on an incredibly good run in 1.2, before multiplayer was released, when 300 ore per day was very achievable and 400 ore was possible. But this really looks too good to be true now; I find in 1.3 you have to work your nuts off just to find 150-200 ore per day in 1.3. Would be very interested to see how the schedule for this looks.
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          • PrincessBubblegum

            PrincessBubblegum Master Chief

            Hops grow on a trellis, which you cannot walk through. You have to space them out like that. Otherwise you wouln't be able to harvest them.

            I just avoid the majority of monsters in the mines. To get gold ore, I just go to floors 81 and 91. Floor 81 never really bothers me with the monsters. floor 91 is a bit harder because it's so large, but generally you can outrun all the monsters in the Mines.

            Yep, my furnaces are in the Mines. I have 10 or 11 of them if I remember correctly. I know the mushroom floor is predictable and I know how it works. I used to farm the mushroom floor and I've done a couple runs where I've made 225k+ gold in Spring. But that's the problem. The mushroom floor is so incredibly OP and gives you so much gold, that it doesn't even feel like a challenge to me. I just don't find it fun. I see it as an exploit because it pretty much negates everything else you do by being a 20k+ gold per day thing if you find it on certain floors like 81, 91, etc. You don't even need to micromanage anything in Spring because you can just farm the mushroom floor and have an insane amount of money.

            On my previous run, I processed enough hops to get me 5M by the end of Winter, and the run I'm currently on is much much better. I had an oak farm of about 135 ish trees on that older one. I collect acorns every couple days and plant them. I'm fairly certain I'll be able to process them all by either the end of Winter or the end of Spring Y2 when the Ancient Fruit starts kicking in. I know someone who had a 3.3k Ancient Fruit plant farm during Y2 and he made 80M. And he had a worse start than I did. the goal is to get around 10 ancient seeds at the start of summer, get the greenhouse by the end of week 2 of Fall, and filling up the greenhouse immediately. 80M is a very possible goal for Y2.

            Edit: for reference, you can see on one of my previous saves that I had 300 kegs at the start of Winter. By the end of winter, I would've had around 600-700 (I gave up on the save so I never finished winter).
            Here is Winter day1: https://upload.farm/1G8X6h
            day2: https://upload.farm/1G8XuK
            day3: https://upload.farm/1G8XWt
            as you can see, i'm making around 120k ish per day which is around 300 kegs.

            I actually recorded the entire 19.2 hours I spent on Spring. I started uploading it to my YouTube channel (without commentary because I'm new to uploading videos and IDK what to say). I have the first week or so on there already. I mainly recorded it as a way of proving that I did it completely mod- and exploit-free, I don't really expect anyone to watch the videos. When I say mod-free, I don't mean completely. I use 3 mods. I have 2 aesthetic mods, a character mod so my character can look like Princess Bubblegum or some of the other Adventure Time charactersand a mod that turns the male bachelors into girls, and then a mod for experience bars so I know how close I am to the next level in a skill. That's it.

            Also, there are 2 reddit guides that I followed to get the hang of min-maxing, and then I changed a few things to suit my playstyle. But, for the most part, I followed what those guides told me to do.

            As for the ores and stuff, yeah the coal was BY FAR the biggest bottleneck. Killing dust sprites is very slow, so I had to start using the charcoal kiln to make coal, and even then, I kept running out. Quartz and gold ore are also slight bottlenecks (compared to iron which is super easy to get). Those were tough to deal with, I must admit. As for the mine floors resetting, I was upset about it at first. But what I do now is just skip around floors. So like 81 -> 55 -> 45 -> 41. And throw in floor 91 and 21 every so often too. By the time I finish with floor 41 and go back to 81, 81 has reset.

            For getting enough for strawberries, I pretty much just planted a lot of Kale? I planted 65 parsnips on Day1, fished until day 5, mined on day 5, upgraded pickaxe on day 6 and therefore fished on days 6 and 7. And then spent the rest of the Spring mining. Pretty much no more fishing I think? Had over 100 kale that I harvested the day before the egg festival. I'll have to rewatch the videos to see if there's anything special I did. But i'm fairly certain it was just farming, selling stuff from the mines, and the few days of fishing I had. I'm also pretty sure throughout the whole Spring, it rained 2 times, possibly 3. I'd have to go back and check. I played the entire 19.2 hours without stopping, so it's kinda hazy.

            For energy, I ate the parsnips I harvested, ate the chubs I fished, and bought salads. I also got the mushroom cave fairly quickly. For the tools, I don't upgrade the watering can because I never even use it past Day13 when I unlock quality sprinklers. And I never upgrade the h0e (it's filtering the word for some reason...) because I don't need it for the summer (cross-season lingering). My pickaxe and axe are both copper.

            EDIT: Also, if you want to see how my farm evolved over time, check out my upload.farm file I linked. Except for a couple days I missed, I uploaded my file every single day. You can click the left and right arrows up top to search through. Or I guess you can just visit this: https://upload.farm/all?series=1GjrfC

            Here is the amount of crops I had to harvest before the egg festival: https://upload.farm/1Gj9eV
            All the stuff on the right is Kale, the left is parsnips. I bought just enough to reach level 6 farming for sprinklers so I'd never have to water my strawberries.
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            • UnexpectedParole

              UnexpectedParole Industrial Terraformer

              I for 1 would very much like to watch more min/max youtube videos of stardew valley not some of these more recreational. links?
              • One More Day

                One More Day Big Damn Hero

                Yeah, so I just had a two hour drive to pick up the Mrs, and this kept coming back to the front of my mind, because, well, I'm tragic. Even with planting more on day 1, I just couldn't quite get the numbers to add up in my head. So, I came back and saw your follow up post, and then I found your youtube video, and I don't think I have ever had as much forage on day 1 ever as you got there. 5 leek and 5 horseradish is surely just insanely fortunate, you can't bank on that. I was basically expecting half that and then whole month would snowball from there closer back to normality, or at least what I'd call normality. Even despite such a fast start, I still can't really believe you found even close to enough ore. Going to watch the whole series anyway, please post more vids asap.

                Found OP's vids here: https://www.youtube.com/user/sabersworn
                • PrincessBubblegum

                  PrincessBubblegum Master Chief

                  Here's the playlist for me: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkrbCSi8JZWGQHtuPN4oHyQ_doqdNFPna

                  Like I said, no voice commentary. I have a $60 headset mic and an extremely loud keyboard. I'm considering adding commentary after the fact but IDK, I'm a YouTube noob.

                  I'm taking a slight break from that save file (it's still Summer Day 1). I'm trying to work on reaching Floor 500 of the Skull Cavern, if that's even possible. My record is only Floor 432 but I feel like I can improve, so I'm spending a bit of time on that. I will definitely upload a video if I get to maybe 475 or 500+ because that's one of my most important personal goals in this game. I just don't know if that's possible.

                  Yes, the amount of forageables I found on Day1 is definitely the best out of the ~10-ish save files I've played. That's definitely something to keep in mind. I didn't find an artifact Day1 which is 250 free gold from Gunther. So I feel like that might kinda cancel it out but IDK if it does. You're right, the whole season compounds based on what you can plant Day1. However, I'm fairly certain the 65 parsnips I planted on Day1 were all used on energy and not sold (i only sold the 3 silver and 3 gold ones I think? might be wrong). Still, you're right, you cannot bank on that many forageables and I was indeed extremely lucky. This save file is the most sprinklers I've ever had, but I still had quite a few where I had closer to 100 or so sprinklers.

                  The fact that I got so lucky with my Day1 and capitalized on it to squeeze out as much as I could in Spring, makes me excited to play on this save file all the way through Y2. I feel like I won't have another chance at such a great exploit-free run as I do with this file.

                  I'll continue posting them. I kinda wanted to space it out a bit so I don't just spam the 4 or so people who are subscribed to me with like 10 videos in a row because it might be annoying. But I will for sure start uploading more. I'll make a few of them public right now if you wanna go check them out.
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                  • BentFX

                    BentFX Cosmic Narwhal

                    Done... Through day 10, all I can say is "Well Played!"
                    You've got like 50 subs, I'm one of them. It's good stuff. Bring it on. :D

                    As for the sprinkler spacing... I understand that hops are trellis crops, It's just that daily harvesting looks like it would just be a mess, compared to double rows with single rows of some other crop in between. But you're the min/maxxer, just go. And... vids, or it didn't happen. :D
                    • PrincessBubblegum

                      PrincessBubblegum Master Chief

                      Oh my bad, I understand what you mean. If I had more money and sprinklers for extra crops, I'd probably space it out differently. But I'm using every single one of my sprinklers for hops in the summer. What you're saying is still probably better though, if I wanted to add other crops later in summer. I'll keep that in mind. As for why my sprinklers aren't in a big square to make harvesting easier, I needed to keep all my oak trees alive so I can farm their acorns and plant them off my farm. The number of kegs I can get in Y1 is arguably one of the most important things to worry about.
                      • Iris Blanche

                        Iris Blanche Master-Pudding Forum Moderator

                        @PrincessBubblegum please avoid double or triple posts. They only clutter up the forums.
                        You can put multiple replies in one post. :nuruhappy:
                        • PrincessBubblegum

                          PrincessBubblegum Master Chief

                          Sorry, I didn't know clicking on reply would add another quote to my message. I thought it would just make me create a whole new message. My bad.
                          • BentFX

                            BentFX Cosmic Narwhal

                            You can even highlight just a line of text and it will popup a little reply button that adds a new quote block to your current reply. It makes it easy to pick apart, and reply to long posts. The forum here is a stickler for not double posting. All forums are moderated a bit differently. Double posting is just one of the things that will get you called out here. It's really not a thing, just how this forum operates. :D
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                            • One More Day

                              One More Day Big Damn Hero

                              Moving on from the inevitable derail.....

                              Watched a few of the videos so far, obviously going to watch the rest. I noticed you slogged your way through at least the first seven days without getting the backpack upgrade, and didn't even take a chest to either your fishing spot or the mines. Surely you're burning money by throwing away so much stuff.

                              I just started yet another new farm, trying to go as big as you, but only got 52 parsnips survive to day 5, having planted I think 55 on day 1. I did get the backpack though, and crafted a fishing chest, and changed a few other little things, so here's my haul from one day of fishing, including treasure chests, before I've even entered the mines or bought crops for spring 6 planting.

                              2018-11-06 (9).png

                              The top half is obviously the chest I put by the lake; everything up to and including the sunfish was there from earlier, while the rest, after the hoe, was foraged/caught today too. The bottom half has goodies worth 2,700g, plus a few useful resources, the gold in particular might be very handy. It has already paid for itself, and because of it I can afford more seeds. And with the pack, I can take everything home to sell in a single trip, I don't need to stop fishing early and waste two hours on a second trip. Finally, with 24 available slots, I can also take the hoe everywhere with me, for digging those worm spots

                              And it's not just fishing, the same often goes for the mines - I usually take out plenty of valuable or useful items, using more than twelve slots, then dump it in the chest after every five floors and before heading back down.

                              Really interested to hear your reason for not getting it.

                              Also curious why you didn't bother with scarecrows on day 6, particularly considering you have chopped so much wood anyway.
                              • PrincessBubblegum

                                PrincessBubblegum Master Chief

                                I did take a chest to the mines. That's very important. As for fishing, I always did on other saves because I was told to do that in the min/max guide I had originally read. But this time around I tried to avoid certain things to see if I could save time.

                                Like I didn't make scarecrows because that's like 6 coal per scarecrow if you include the wood in that cost. And I only planned on fishing for a few days. I do think not making a chest for fishing was for sure a mistake, I just wanted to try something different. Making scarecrows though, meh, I'm still thinking that was an okay idea because I would've needed 2 of them. 2 coal + 100 wood (10 coal in a charcoal kiln) = 12 coal and basically the biggest thing holding me back the entire Spring was not having enough coal. I wasted soooo much time killing dust sprites when I could've been mining ore. In my mind, I'm trying to justify not getting scarecrows because of the huge coal bottleneck, but I was very close to not hitting lvl6 farming in time because of crows eating crops.

                                As for the backpack, spending 2000 gold early on is such a huge investment. When mining, I can just drop my stuff in a chest every time I re-surface, so it doesn't really matter for that. And by the time I could get a backpack upgrade, I'm done fishing anyway. Being able to bring more stuff back would be pretty useful I suppose, but I have a hard time seeing it as being worth it. The more kale I plant early on gives me more money for strawberry seeds, which gives me even more money for later Spring seeds and for stuff in early Summer. The earlier you get money, the more it compounds over time, it's definitely not a linear thing. I don't see how I would've had enough money to buy 239 strawberry seeds like I did, if I bought the backpack within the first few days.

                                After I spend my 55k-ish on hops, I'll have 30k to spend on other stuff in early spring, which I'll probably spend on a coop and either tappers or blueberries. I plan on starting summer probably today or tomorrow.

                                Edit: Like I said though, this was kind of an experimental run. I've always made scarecrows and built fishing chests. But I felt like the energy spent chopping wood and the wood itself (which I equate to coal) might be best used on other things so I wanted to test it out. You could very well be correct that it was inefficient.

                                Also, I'd love to see how to do in Spring, give me updates :)
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                                • One More Day

                                  One More Day Big Damn Hero

                                  Ok, fair enough, I've only watched to day 7 so far, but you didn't have one on day 5, your only mining day so far.
                                  Obviously a scarecrow removes the crow variance. I just like buying the crops I need and I know they'll be protected, no stress. Also I don't have to waste money and watering energy on crops I don't need, or even worse, waste energy on watering crops that then get eaten. Scarecrow or no scarecrow, it's probably a push in the long run - I just hate seeing the crows eating my crops, though I can just about accept losing parsnips in the first few days

                                  I really have a hard time seeing it as being optional. When you go mining you have stuff you absolutely need to take in, stuff you absolutely need to take out, stuff that is really useful to have slots for, and stuff that is really nice to take out to sell/use, and it all adds up to more than 12 slots

                                  Here's how I see it in just the first 40 levels

                                  Need in
                                  1) Weapon
                                  2) Pickaxe
                                  3) Food (might need more than one slot, depending on how you've run)

                                  Need out

                                  4) Copper
                                  5) Quartz
                                  6) Coal
                                  7) Stone
                                  8) Geode

                                  Really useful

                                  9) Cherry bomb
                                  10) Torch (because Glow rings can be damned elusive at times)
                                  11) Cave carrot

                                  Nice to take out

                                  12) Topaz
                                  13) Amethyst
                                  14) Earth crystal
                                  15) Bug meat (for bait)
                                  16) Iron ore (from monster drops)
                                  17) Clay
                                  18+) Artifacts (especially the ancient seed, if you're murdering flies etc for bug meat)
                                  19+) Unneeded weapons/boots to sell to guild (I typically end up with 3-4k worth of stuff for Marlon by the end of spring)

                                  And that doesn't include all the small stuff like slime, bat wing, fiber, wood, sap etc, all of which has value too, albeit much smaller. As you get deeper, the range of items you could find just increases

                                  First off, why not plant potatoes on day 6, instead of kale? They're 25% better for gold/day. I'm currently sitting on day 17 of a farm, the same one as the fishing photo above. I bought the backpack before mining, planted 171 potatoes on day 6, topped up with about 50 parsnips on day 8 to lock in Farming 6, and then with other income from fishing etc, I went to the egg festival with just under 31k. A lot of that was helped by having that extra backpack inventory available. Although this time day 11 was rainy, the last day of potato watering, so I went fishing and caught half a dozen gold catfish, which also helped a bit, but only really an extra 3k or so (maybe 2k of fish, plus whatever fish I didn't eat for watering energy).

                                  However, I chickened out of buying 300+ strawberries though, settling for 200, because I couldn't see how I'd water them all until I got the ore for the sprinklers. My downfall is almost always the mining for ore, so I'm really interested to see how you do it, then try to copy. At the moment I'm still only at level 60 of the mines, so with the watering needed in the mornings, there's probably another two days before I even see gold ore. I can motor through to level 40 probably as quick as anyone, but my progress below that is always really pedestrian.

                                  I'll see how this turns out over the next 11 days to end of spring, and update whatever, but I want to watch more of your vids first.
                                  • PrincessBubblegum

                                    PrincessBubblegum Master Chief

                                    Kale is 15.87 gold/day. Potatoes are 13.83 gold/day. Not sure where you're getting the 25% better statistic? But 31k for the Egg Festival is pretty great. That's a lot better than what I had. I fished on days 2, 3, 4, 6, 7. And I had to fish on Day9 (i think?) because I ran out of food. How many days did you spend fishing? I think I got further in the mines faster because as soon as I unlock the copper pickaxe, I completely stop fishing. Afterward, my main priority is mining 100%. I reached Floor 80 on Day12 (which is actually the slowest out of every run I've ever done, due to running out of food). Getting sprinklers for the strawberries is absolutely vital. I'm pretty sure I didn't use my watering can after Day13.

                                    It's true that a lot of those things are important. But, if I recall correctly, I didn't lose too many good items from not having a backpack. Every 5 levels you can re-surface and dump things into your chest because of the elevator. I'd have to re-watch to make sure, but I don't really remember losing out on too many things. I for sure will go back and check. If I lost over 1000g worth of stuff, I obviously need to start getting the backpack sooner. But my focus in very early summer is planting as many seeds as I can because I need to hit lvl 6 farming by Day13 and buying as many strawberries as possible.

                                    You definitely could be right about the backpack. I will check when I have the time. This was a highly experimental run.

                                    But really the goal for the Spring is getting as many sprinklers as possible, not as much money as possible. As long as I have enough gold to buy enough hops to cover all sprinklers, I'm fine. Yes, extra gold is important. The 30k extra gold I get will be used toward buying tappers for my trees so I can start making a lot of money on Day12 when I harvest my first hops. I need tappers ASAP because I need to buy the greenhouse from Joja by the end of the Summer, and I need to buy the Desert so I can have a lot of iridium sprinklers for the fall. If I were only min/maxing Spring, I'd do things differently. But this is 2-year run I'm planning. With the amount of hops I'm planting, and the amount of money I expect to have at the start of Fall, I think I could get 10M by the end of Y1 and 80m+ by the end of Y2. It purely relies on how many oak trees I can get planted.
                                    • ShneekeyTheLost

                                      ShneekeyTheLost Spaceman Spiff

                                      Some interesting things about Kale vs Potatoes that might be of relevance here:

                                      Kale, on paper, does have a higher profit per plant, you are paying 70 and getting 110, for a profit of 40 over 6 days as opposed to Potatoes, which cost 50 and sell for 80, which is only 30 profit for the same day. However, Potatoes have a 20% chance of producing a second potato, so on average your profits should be more like (80*1.2= 96 -50g =) 46g/ea, which slightly edges over Kale. Furthermore, Kale is a scythe harvesting crop, and due to a bug it will never give farming xp while potatoes do. This can help hit your Farming milestones sooner, so you can get started on jars and kegs sooner.

                                      So Potatoes really tend to be the better crop over Kale for a few reasons, despite the theoretically lower profit per plant.
                                      • BentFX

                                        BentFX Cosmic Narwhal

                                        That was fixed in 1.3.27. Obviously the kale is giving XP because one of the keystones of this strategy is level 6 farming and quality sprinklers in time for strawberries.
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                                        • ShneekeyTheLost

                                          ShneekeyTheLost Spaceman Spiff

                                          The patch notes make that claim, yes, but this has not been my experience in 1.3.28. I was trying for the CC Completion record, and had some wheat I was harvesting. No xp given according to UI Info Suite. Lookup Anything confirmed a lack of xp progress.

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