More variant types of monsters in the skull cavern

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    When I was exploring the lava sections of the mines, I remember thinking that the shadow shaman and the squid kid were pretty unique enemies since they didn't charge at you like everything else does and attacked from range. After finally getting to the skull cavern I was disappointed that we didn't get a new variation of them, so I'd like it if we could get some new enemies in a future update.

    Some ideas of new variant monsters I've had would be:

    Squid Kid
    -A Beholder type of enemy that if you were too close could petrify you. Your character would be unable to move for a few seconds while having their defense go down.
    -An explosive variant that's fireballs would cause a small explosion upon contact similar to the explosive ammo for the slingshot. Could be beneficial for finding the stairs but if caught in the blast radius would cause severe damage. I could see it as a flying bomb or flying sun with the squid kid face.

    Shadow Shamans
    -A variant focused more on buffing allies with the ability to speed buff their allies or make them temporarily invulnerable to damage.
    -A variant focused more on debuffing the farmer with the ability of making all the farmer's actions cost double fatigue and making attacks also cause fatigue.

    -A variant ghost that can possess you which would screw with the controls if you got hit. Having a Ring of Yoba equipped would nullify the effects.
    -A siren type of enemy that would drain your stamina depending on how close you were to it. After hitting zero, you're character would be put to sleep and would end your cavern run.

    If anyone else has an idea for a new or variant monsters feel free to post them.
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