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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Orion_Pax, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Orion_Pax

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    Hey, I've didnt been there so long (if you frustrated as I am, I'm sorry for my bad english). I hope this suggestion will be seen. Concerned Ape, please, add more tv shows for watching on tv. You played Harvest moon and you know that there was 34 episodes of soap opera "My dear princess", and "Aaron changes" and other many shows that you can watch on your tv. Please, if you can, add new tv shows in new update, that will be so awesome.
    P.S. Thank you for your game!
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    • IdeaChild

      IdeaChild Lucky Number 13

      Yeah, that would be really interesting! You could even get high paying quests from the TV or be featured on there or visit the TV station. I'd love to see where CApe might go with this
      • Mewrocks

        Mewrocks Tentacle Wrangler

        This is cool! Maybe there could be a show to give you tips on relationships, like an show interviewing pelican town people (which hows their intrests and liked gifts)
        • Lilliput

          Lilliput Supernova

          Actually, I really like the OP's suggestion for more /entertainment/ from the TV-- I'm not really interested in quests or more informational programming, but the idea of a soap opera, or a serialized work of drama is very clever! For bonus points, why not make the show selection themed to the farm you pick at the beginning? That way when you start a new farm, you get a new little story to watch every week on the TV. The fishing farm could have, say, a high-seas adventure story, and the forest farm something romantic and magical, and the wilderness farm a scary monster story. Every farm gets a different soap opera/drama that matches the mood!
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          • onthevergeoftears

            onthevergeoftears Space Hobo

            I agree! I think the more shows the merrier, entertaining or helpful. I think it'd be cool to have a shopping channel too!
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            • gamerfluid

              gamerfluid Void-Bound Voyager

              OMG yes, if there was a weekly shopping channel that sold cute furniture or seasonal goods it'd make me so happy.

              Also, public cable shows produced by shane or jojomart could add an extra touch of small town feel. Maybe you could guest star!
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