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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TubaMan, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. TubaMan

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    The game needs more of a story line. Not a story line like an intense RPG game, but a more of a story similar to that of the Harvest Moon games. For example, in some Harvest Moon games you must complete a quest or two to unlock a certain area, or you must complete a series of quests to restore an area to its former glory. This would really help the game, because as it is, it starts to lose its appeal after playing up to the point where you have cleared your farm completely, married someone, gotten a lot of livestock, and are stinking rich.
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    • TrevorH7441

      TrevorH7441 Big Damn Hero

      Part of the game's appeal is the lack of limitations in the very beginning, but in some ways, I can see your point. However, I see a lot of my conflicts with late game being resolved in his goals for 1.1.
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      • ZeroMGA

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        I too would like to see more story development.

        A lot of people are requesting tons of new character interactions, dating options, etcetera. While nice, I would like that to not be the only thing I have to do when the farm is doing alright. Maybe the mayor is finally due for retirement and you, being the MC, end up having to take over and have a host of new goals or requirements.

        Or maybe just Patch 1.2: JoJo Mart Strikes Back, or something :p
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        • rcooper113

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          I certainly agree as well. I keep hoping for some sort of quests or something to help clean up the village. Like fix those stone paths that are crumbling in places, clean up the tree trunks, clean up near Pam's trailer - is there even a dog in that fenced in area? Have to complete certain tasks and help Villagers to get it completed. I know that's not huge, but something.
          • Chcodi

            Chcodi Space Hobo

            This game is still very new, and is making a ton of profit... I'm sure we'll get a good amount of updates in the coming months.

            There definitely should be more to do.
            • n_eight

              n_eight Void-Bound Voyager

              Yup - you can learn that once you become better friends with Alex. Sometimes the villagers will randomly talk about it. (I'm not sure though, since the only person i've learned info about the dog from was Pam. And Alex, but you already know that by now.)

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