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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Monijir, Jan 19, 2017.

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    Here's a zip - this is a dirty mod that needs to be placed in a subfolder of your assets folder as its not set up for distribution while a WIP.

    Here's the monsters - all hue shifted or colorized from existing sprites but with new elemental types and attack patterns. Features a new behavior for self-inflicting status effects and new projectiles.

    Cryopod - Icy artillery version of pteropod
    Pyropod - Positions self above the player then spews flames which push it out of range - maybe the trickiest to fight
    Electropod - Charges player from the sky then discharges an electric explosion when contacting the ground

    Gloop - A poisonous gleap which leaves poison clouds at regular intervals
    Glarp - A gleap with regenerative properties (will heal other monsters once I figure out how)
    Glump - A high jumping gleap which becomes bouncy when threatened and harder to predict

    Volpin - A pulpin variant which launches fireballs in the general direction of the player
    Toxin - A poisonous pulpin variant that splits into smaller, faster versions of itself but has no projectile attacks
    Zapin - Sends out two bouncing electric projectiles which inflict low gravity and floating for a short amount of time

    The mod also has a replacement for the testarena dungeon so you can have a place to safely play with the creations. Pretty soon I'll be running out of obvious elemental variants, or need to get a better grasp of behaviors. Next up should be wispers, will probably use new projectiles. Maybe something with flying saucer physics that just hangs in the air after running out of velocity.

    Also still want to gauge a general interest in mods adding new monsters, or suggestions about how to distribute these in the spawn pools / dungeons.
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    I'll take a test drive when I have a chance today. :)

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