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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by rockmega, Jul 20, 2016.

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    Howdy everyone, hope you're all doing fine.

    Part of the charm of these types of games, at least to me, is the feeling of progression, making your farm successful and filling it with crops, buildings, resources, upgrade your home, bigger and better, so of course, the idea of being able to do the same thing, but with your character itself, is very interesting to me and it's something that i found very exciting.

    Personally, i already had experience with the idea of increasing your character's stamina from other games (Harvest Moon, Rune Factory), but the whole "profession" aspect of the game intrigued me, taking the character improvement even further.

    However, once i realized that i had reached the max level for one of my skill (Farming) i got a lil' bit sad, i wished there were a few more choices in profession and maybe the level cap wasn't so small, personally it would motivate me to keep going and improving my character and i would love to be in that position of having to pick between multiple different professions to what's best suited to the kind of farm that's being run. (For example, if your farm style focuses more on animal product rather than crops and the like, you would be more comfortable picking rancher instead of tiller, however i feel like it would be more interesting if there were more options to pick from, like dividing the rancher profession into a coop animals and barn animals, or dividing the tiller profession into different kind of crop, like fruits or veggies, for example.)

    I guess you could shrink down my suggestion to basically this:
    More leveling, and dividing the already existing professions into smaller ones, maybe even make it so you would have to pick a profession multiple times and with each time you pick the same profession, the more the advantages of that profession improve.

    For example: Say you pick rancher, your animal products are now worth 10% more, but say you are given the option to pick it again for a multiple amount of times (Say, you're allowed to pick it two more times every time you level up), If you were to pick the same profession all of those times, instead of picking anything else, your animal products would be worth 30% more, the disadvantage of going this route would be that you would be ignoring the other professions, like making your crops worth more by the use of the tiller profession.

    All in all, i think that this would make for an interesting and maybe a bit challenging decision, depending on what your farm mainly focuses on, you can decide to further improve your profits from once side while neglecting the other, or you can try to keep a balance between extra earnings.

    Hope this wasn't too confusing, thank you for your time. :3

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