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Discussion in 'Gear and Items' started by SoopaDerpcat, Oct 25, 2015.

  1. SoopaDerpcat

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    Weapons getting unique special abilities is one of the updates I'm looking the most forward to. So...introductory speech.
    Talk about ideas and stuff.

    Stun Smash (Any two-handed weapon)

    Alt-fire triggers a slower attack which stuns targets on hit. Stun lasts 1 second for swords, 1.5 for axes, and 2 for hammers.
    The ability has a cooldown of 2x whatever its stun time is, so that you can't stunlock opponents.

    Seismic Blast (Hammer)

    Alt-fire triggers a jumping strike which, upon hitting an enemy or the ground, releases an area-of-effect explosion which
    damages all targets within the blast radius for 1x the weapon's Damage Per Swing. The formula for calculating the area of
    effect is Damage Per Swing divided by swing speed, so the stronger and slower the weapon, the larger the area.

    Tolkienessence (1-handed sword) <Passive>

    When a monster is within a radius of 40 blocks from the player, the sword's blade will glow a soft blue and
    emit a quiet humming noise. This counts only for monsters and not hostile guards. Since it's a passive ability, a sword
    with this power can also have a second, on-command ability.

    Punt Jab (Hammer)

    Alt-fire triggers a (relatively) quick jab attack which deals less damage but more knockback. If the target is
    knocked into a wall, however, they will take additional damage, making this an excellent ability for indoor

    Berserk Charge (Axe)

    Alt-fire causes the wielder to throw himself forwards suddenly, bouncing off of the target on hit and dealing minor damage.
    Aside from being fast and unpredictable, this attack also briefly disables shields and can cancel the enemy's attack if
    you ram them during windup.
  2. Magmatico

    Magmatico Void-Bound Voyager

    sounds very good. is it okay if i will make a mod with them? the only thing im unsure of is the berserk charge, it seems to have a pretty hard tech to do, and also, axes are one handed, so im not sure how would that work. other stuff will get worked on :)
  3. Pretender6

    Pretender6 Big Damn Hero

    Cannoball Special, launching other Player Sphere's

    Modified Translocator to allow Player to determine the other players 'spawn'

    Grappling hook that works like a Rail Hook whilest able to move up/down, but cant control to go left/right
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  4. VuesaMerced

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    I like your ideas, specially the last 2 ones. I've always felt too powerfull when i use a shield, and i wish there was a way to counter it. Also, it would be cool if npcs could use those abilities too.

    Some people say that combat is weak in Starbound, but i think it could be pretty challenging just by adding some changes like those.
    Maybe I publish my own post about the changes I would like on weapons and debuffs to make an interesting pvp soon.
    I wish developers took some ideas from posts like this, but i don't think they are that much in touch with the community... Shame...

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