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WIP More Endgame Mod-More Bars for your Endgame!(Not released, Heavily WIP, spriter needed)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by SaintPanda, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. SaintPanda

    SaintPanda Cosmic Narwhal

    This mod will allow you to craft three new tiers (11-13) each tier will have decorative items, an unlock item, a new bar (made from Impervium in some way) weapons, and armor
    Here is my planned feature list-
    To Do- (Complete objectives in order) (above the ------ line is done) (///////// separates tiers)
    Sprite Terminium Bar
    Make recipe for Terminium Bar
    Make New tier (tier 11) for Terminium
    Make new tier unlock for tier 11
    Sprite Terminium Armor
    Make recipes and stats for Terminium armor
    Sprite Terminium weapons
    Make recipes/stats for Terminium weapons
    Create new Terminium decorative items.
    Sprite Ebonite Bar
    Make recipe for Ebonite Bar
    Make New tier (tier 12) for Ebonite
    Make new tier unlock for tier 12
    Sprite Ebonite Armor
    Make recipes and stats for Ebonite armor
    Sprite Ebonite weapons
    Make recipes/stats for Ebonite weapons
    Create new Ebonite decorative items.
    Sprite Unltimatum Bar
    Make recipe for Ultimatum Bar
    Make New tier (tier 13) for Ultimatum
    Make new tier unlock for tier 13
    Sprite Ultimatum Armor
    Make recipes and stats for Ultimatum armor
    Sprite Ultimatum weapons
    Make recipes/stats for Ultimatum weapons
    Create new Ultimatum decorative items.

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