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    A really big draw to life simulation games is the freedom to have control in your environment and make choices for your ideal life using your own visual aesthetic.

    I adore the ability to be able to arrange what buildings and where to put them and tiles on your farm, but they are all rather generic visual options. I think a great in-game feature would be to allow for...

    1) Customization of building exteriors.

    i.e. through an additional price through Robin for any building out of a selection of themes (cute/pink, pastel mythic, dark magic, rustic, brick, modern, etc) available after default building is constructed

    2) Additional furniture options by theme.

    The default crib and kids beds are nice defaults, but I'd really like to be able to customize those to fit my own asthetic of a children's room. There is also a lack of variety in furniture. Taking inspiration from mods like the cute mod are a great idea!

    3) Get the NPCs and story involved.

    The story may also be implied and an immersive challenge for players involved by quests for certain options become unlockable (i.e. pastel mythic and dark magic remodels require quests with the witch and magician respectively).

    Thank you for taking the time to view my suggestions. I truly adore this game and all the work you have put into it! I look forward to more.

    Much love and high respects,

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