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Discussion in 'Mods' started by TenkoKuugen, Jan 17, 2017.

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    I'm using this with the Tea Mod + Shop Expander, but the Year requirements seemed to have been removed and I can buy any seed as long as it's the right season. Is there a way to re-implement the year requirement to all the seeds?
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      This isn't my mod. Just helping to keep it unofficially updated for the community.
      But, if you're getting errors about the ObjectInformation.xnb file though. That error sounds like the one you get from downloading the original version; which is outdated. You need the files from this post:

      Not sure, about the ChestsAnywhere issue; first try the files in the post I linked above. Then report back if you still have issues.

      Are you using any other mods that make a custom shop that might be interfering? The year requirements are still there. And, re-testing with a few of my saves showed the conditions were still being followed. So, you shouldn't be having any issues.

      But, you can always change their availability by editing the 'config.json' that gets placed into the "ShopExpander" mod folder.
      Here's a post with the ID#s:

      And, the documentation provided by Entoarox for the ShopExpander mod:
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        Make it a custom crops mod, some of your mods crashes the game.
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          Are you by chance using another crop mod in tandem with this one (such as Custom Crops or MysticTempest's Tea mod)? The tea mod requires a compatibility patch to avoid crashing, but if you're trying to use Custom Crops + this mod together, it will cause the game to crash. At this point in time unfortunately, you will have to use one or the other.

          If you aren't using two crop mods though, could you post your error log?
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