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  1. Rizzice

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    I'm using this with the Tea Mod + Shop Expander, but the Year requirements seemed to have been removed and I can buy any seed as long as it's the right season. Is there a way to re-implement the year requirement to all the seeds?
    • MysticTempest

      MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

      This isn't my mod. Just helping to keep it unofficially updated for the community.
      But, if you're getting errors about the ObjectInformation.xnb file though. That error sounds like the one you get from downloading the original version; which is outdated. You need the files from this post:

      Not sure, about the ChestsAnywhere issue; first try the files in the post I linked above. Then report back if you still have issues.

      Are you using any other mods that make a custom shop that might be interfering? The year requirements are still there. And, re-testing with a few of my saves showed the conditions were still being followed. So, you shouldn't be having any issues.

      But, you can always change their availability by editing the 'config.json' that gets placed into the "ShopExpander" mod folder.
      Here's a post with the ID#s:

      And, the documentation provided by Entoarox for the ShopExpander mod:
      • Diotheawesome

        Diotheawesome Poptop Tamer

        Make it a custom crops mod, some of your mods crashes the game.
        • lannihamm

          lannihamm Big Damn Hero

          Are you by chance using another crop mod in tandem with this one (such as Custom Crops or MysticTempest's Tea mod)? The tea mod requires a compatibility patch to avoid crashing, but if you're trying to use Custom Crops + this mod together, it will cause the game to crash. At this point in time unfortunately, you will have to use one or the other.

          If you aren't using two crop mods though, could you post your error log?
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          • Glasperlchen

            Glasperlchen Void-Bound Voyager

            My game doesn't crash, but i can not buy any crops at Pierre's. When i click on the items nothing happens. Is there a solution? :)
            • MysticTempest

              MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

              I haven't come across that issue before. If you want to post your SMAPI log, maybe it'll show some errors.

              How to find it, if you need it:
              • julianorc

                julianorc Void-Bound Voyager

                I installed the mod, and the icons to categorize on chests mod appear, but there's no new crops on shop.

                I'm using xnb loader, is there any issue with that?

                The only strange text in SMAPI says that the number of crops it's smaller than the vanilla one.

                I'm second year.
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                • Allayna

                  Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                  yeah, i believe its that xnb loader loads AFTER shop expander does. For best results backup and replace the vanilla files manually.
                  • julianorc

                    julianorc Void-Bound Voyager

                    Solved already, found that was because for some reason the shop expander manifest doesn't exist, sorry for the inconvenience.
                    • MasterNeptune

                      MasterNeptune Void-Bound Voyager

                      I'm having a issue with the config. it saids
                      [Shop Expander] Unable to add item to shop, it has no value. have tried redownloading the config file and the Shop Expander
                      but it didn't do anything. could it have something to do with the new smapi update?
                      • MysticTempest

                        MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                        The "no value" errors mean you're missing the XNB data. Make sure you're properly merging/replacing the Content folder with the one provided.
                        • XRiku

                          XRiku Aquatic Astronaut

                          Everytime I try using this mod with CJB's Item Spawner, it gives me an error. [See picture]

                          Both mods work when used alone, but when together I get this. Does anyone know why? Any way I can fix this?

                          EDIT: The problem seems to come from the newest XNB Loader update, which I'm using to add the crops in the game.
                          I have another PC with the old version on it, and both mods work just fine even when combined. I'll try seeing if putting the More Crops files in the actual Content folder fixes anything.

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                          • shirofluff

                            shirofluff Void-Bound Voyager

                            what are coffee grains and how do i get them and what are they for?
                            • Seitou

                              Seitou Orbital Explorer

                              This may sound a little strange but I was wondering if there was a way to add health and energy bonus to the fruit or make them usable (it bugs that you can only sell the new produce and not eat or use it to make anything else.) Also is safe to remove some of the weirder seeds and plants (like the sugar seeds, since I am pretty sure you can make sugar in game now).
                              • Allayna

                                Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                                Take a look at the CustomCrops and JsonAssets mods that are now on Nexus Mods! They have most of the stuff from this mod, and they can and do have health and energy to them!
                                • MysticTempest

                                  MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                                  Coffee grains were a way to get coffee from the original MoreCrops mod before ConcernedApe added Coffee in officially. According to the ShopExpander config they're available after year 2, when your house is fully upgraded, you're married, and it's spring. Though you can modify that if you want them sooner. (ID# 877 for the modded Coffee seeds.)
                                  SE documentation:

                                  Absolutely! You'd just need to modify the ObjectInformation files, and the give the produce buffs. You can see my Tea, & Botany mods as an example. It's certainly doable. Since, this isn't my mod, and I'm just helping to keep it updated. I don't plan on modifying anything myself. But, I know there's another WIP to update morecrops by the original artist for morecrops; MizuJakkaru. With help from Amburr who was starting up on their side with a mod for herbs, and such.

                                  See here:

                                  An easy way to remove the 'weirder' crops without having to modify too much would be to edit the ShopExpander's config file. You can just delete the sections with the crops you don't want for an easy workaround.
                                  Over here on this post under the spoiler I have a list of the crops corresponding to their ID number so you know which to delete.
                                  • dawnplechaty

                                    dawnplechaty Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                    hi there really hoping you can help i like the look of this mod but have no clear idea of how to install it could you give me a step by step walkthrough on how to do that as im technologically near useless when it comes to mods, unzipping with winrar and extracting over to the mods folder in smapi is easy but when you say merge contents folder into sdv contents folder im at a loss, please help
                                    • MysticTempest

                                      MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                                      Hi dawnplechaty; sure, I'll try and clarify things for you.

                                      As per this post:
                                      Install SMAPI, EntoaroxFramework, and ShopExpander. Which you seem to have familiarity with.

                                      After those dependencies are installed, you can install the actual mod. Click either the attachment, or the dropbox link from that post; save the file, and extract it.
                                      Inside the "v1.2 MoreCropsUnofficial Continuation" folder. You should see 2 folders. One is called "Content", the other is called "Mods".
                                      You now need to navigate to your "Stardew Valley" game folder in a separate window.

                                      Now copy the "Content' & "Mods" folders from the MoreCrops mod folder. And, paste into your Stardew Valley game folder. The 'merge & replace' occurs because I've setup the directory structure to be the same as the folders already present.
                                      So it's like you're shuffling cards. You have a stack on either side, and are letting them(the folders & the new config file for ShopExpander) merge back together. While the data files for the mod are replacing the original files. And in the end you'll have a 'merged' deck; or in this case, have a properly installed mod.

                                      It helps a lot with installation for new users. Some XNB mods I've seen in the past; the files are just there in a zip with some instructions of where to place them. Making the user navigate to each sub-directory. Setting up the directory structure for the user beforehand speeds up, and simplifies the process.
                                      It also helps when dealing with SMAPI mods that require some data in their own folders. Like the config file included in this mod.

                                      Hope that helps.
                                      • Jiremu

                                        Jiremu Space Hobo

                                        Yeah so i have a problem.... You see, when i just walk around and do whatever, it's fine , but as soon as i move my mouse over my crops/foragded items/food the game freezes or straight up crashes..... can you please help me with that, everything seemed to work fine i could even see the new crops but as soon as i tried to do something with my crops/foradged items/food that glitch happaned, please help if you have spare time, Thank you.
                                        • MysticTempest

                                          MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                                          Make sure your game is up to date; v1.2.33. And, then make sure you're downloading the updated version of this mod, found at this post:

                                          The error you describe is generally associated with the changes implemented in the language updates. And, using older mods without that compatibility will cause the game to crash as it doesn't know how to properly display the text for the items(crops,forage,food,etc..).

                                          Your issue should be resolved after updating, but if it's still present. Grab the logs, and post them here.
                                          Log location info:

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