RELEASED More Crops Mod + Even More Crops Mod( Updated 20 / 04 )

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Killerbotto, Mar 28, 2016.


What would you like to see next?

  1. More Crops

  2. More Trees

  3. More Fish

  4. More Flowers

  1. Mnine

    Mnine Aquatic Astronaut

    Yes, please update this and add some cooking recipes for update.
    • SKKN

      SKKN Aquatic Astronaut

      @Entoarox Maybe you can add this one of your abandoned mods and bring this back to life again!? Please..........................
        Last edited: Oct 21, 2016
      • Naesaki

        Naesaki Star Wrangler

        It would be really sweet if he did though from looking at login activity the creator of this mod was last seen on the 10th September so it doesn't fall into Entoarox's 2 month absence policy :(
        • SKKN

          SKKN Aquatic Astronaut

          but we need it.. and we need it now.. lol
          • Naesaki

            Naesaki Star Wrangler

            You could always ask Ento nicely or just wait until early November and make a post in the abandoned mod thread and see what the response is :)
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            • SKKN

              SKKN Aquatic Astronaut

              Lol I am asking nicely even begging for it :D :D :D.

              Anywho. Ento, your are such a kind wonderful person please help take this mod on for us please...please.... :)
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              • Aveloren

                Aveloren Starship Captain

                I would have to say there would be nothing sweeter than Tego's Stardew Expansion, Entoarox's ALL and the More Crops Mod to be finished. Pillars of the modding community for sure.
                • tegobash

                  tegobash Big Damn Hero

                  Sorry, discontinued. It's Tego's Mods now.
                  • sungho28

                    sungho28 Orbital Explorer

                    How do i uninstall this? For some reasons some items are bugged, like coffee beans, slime charmer ring, and other stuffs
                    • MbahGondrong

                      MbahGondrong Seal Broken

                      Is this still working in 1.11?
                      • Benven99

                        Benven99 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                        Don't think so.
                        (Edit was cause I mixed it up with another crop mod)
                        • MbahGondrong

                          MbahGondrong Seal Broken

                          Hmmm.. too bad, do you know any other mod similar to this?
                          • Jordles

                            Jordles Space Spelunker

                            I've run into a major issue with the mod, which is that now that SMAPI and Stardew has been updated, attempting to remove any trees (which no produce fruit) planted before the update crashes the game. Any ideas for a fix guys?
                            • Acerbicon

                              Acerbicon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                              Try using a save editor, they can edit your farm and the things on it.
                              • PaqpuK

                                PaqpuK Aquatic Astronaut

                                Okay, a weird bug happened after installing this mod, my mead turned into some crap and description is just ???. Is there a way to fix this without deleting the mod? I do like it.
                                q355y35.JPG 123.JPG
                                  Last edited: Dec 31, 2016
                                • PaqpuK

                                  PaqpuK Aquatic Astronaut

                                  So, I "fixed" the mead bug by installing Igorious New Machines mod (it does work on SV 1.1 and SMAPI 1.4), it just overrides normal mead. But the New Machines mods fucks up the colored chests in 1.1 (smth with the animation frames), so you will be forced to use default colors for chests. Again, I "fixed" the chests by installing Igorious Colored Chests mod, which also works. (to change colors with it, mouse over a chest, press Alt and chose a color)
                                  • Aveloren

                                    Aveloren Starship Captain

                                    I might be reading it wrong, but it sounds like you have this mod working through the use of the two aforementioned Ingorious mods, with the current SDV version?
                                    • PaqpuK

                                      PaqpuK Aquatic Astronaut

                                      yep, but void mayo and coffee beans don't work. I guess there is a way to fix all this by adding new crops id on top of the new data from 1.1 update, I dunno how it really works tho, tried unpacking and looking into xnb files, don't understand shit.

                                      I'm sure that someone with modding skills can port this mod to 1.1 safely. For now, the best solution is to just recover original game files through steam and save edit anything that might crash the game (trees, crops).
                                        Last edited: Jan 3, 2017
                                      • BrandonPotter0

                                        BrandonPotter0 Starship Captain

                                        January 9, and the mod is still abandonded? Um, hopefully Entoarox will pick this mod up and get it working again >-<
                                        • TenkoKuugen

                                          TenkoKuugen Void-Bound Voyager

                                          Quote from Ento's thread:
                                          I looked at the mod files and the content part of the mod you could easily get working again with just some merging with 1.1 files. That's just tedious, not hard.
                                          What I can't do is make the seeds available in a shop since I don't deal with SMAPI, and since the IDs moved, that means the shop wouldn't have the proper seeds available. And since the SMAPI part source is not available, everyone is SOOL, kinda.

                                          I wonder if the item spawner mod would actually let you get the seeds, though. When Ento finished his new ALL features, I might actually be able to reward the seeds through my extension maps as rewards for the Maze or the Arena though. Well, wait and see.
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