RELEASED More Crops Mod + Even More Crops Mod( Updated 20 / 04 )

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What would you like to see next?

  1. More Crops

  2. More Trees

  3. More Fish

  4. More Flowers

  1. UnbindingH8

    UnbindingH8 Orbital Explorer

    That is Fantastic, I found this thread yesterday and have been stalking it. :lod:
    Can't wait!
    • endermaryn

      endermaryn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      It would depend on how you want to balance the prices. Alina_Mau posted HM:FoMT, released in 2003, as having the prices of 60, 70, 80 and 200. When looking up information on FoMT, I came across two sites. This one lists what look is be their selling prices. Blue Magic Grass (Blue Mist) sells for 162-171, Red Magic Grass (where the Blue Mist has a chance of turning red) sells for 197-220, Moon Drops sell for 141-152 and Pink Cats sell for 80-90. This page has pictures and prices and the only flower that has a selling price is the Red Mist Grass for 200. I have not played this game so I can not tell why the prices are different.

      There are a lot of different HM games and the crops and their prices are all different. For example:

      HM: 64, released in 2000, had Moondrop (Moon Drop Grass) and Pinkcat (Pink Cat Mint) flowers that could be bought by the bag (9 seeds) for 300. Bluemists cost 500 per seed. There were no other flowers and none of them had a sell price so they were only good for gifting.

      In HM: Save the Homeland, released in 2001, Moondrops sold for 10, Pink Cat Mints for 20 and the Blue Mist was so rare it was needed for the ending that would turn the town into a wildlife preserve. There were no other flowers and they could not be grown, only foraged.

      HM: A Wonderful Life (this page has pictures), released in 2003, had a greater variety of flowers such as Happy Lamps which sold for 15, and Trick Blues which sold for 10. The Mist Moon (Moondrop) sold for 10. All flowers are forage only and there are no Blue Mist or Pinkcat flowers. This page list the prices.

      HM: Animal Parade (this page has pictures of its flowers), released in 2008, lists Moondrops as 120, Pinkcats as 120 and Bluemists as 390 and while there are a lot of other flowers such as Lavender, Hyacinth, and Hibiscus, there is no Red Magic flower. The flowers are all the same quality, unlike crops such as Watermelon which has four quality levels and sells for the prices of 210, 250, 290 and 410.

      In the HM games I have played, Moondrop was always one of the most common flower and Bluemist was the rare one. A great reference site for other HM games looks to be the Wiki which has prices and pictures for some other HM games I did not go over.

      I hope this helps :)

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      • Alina_Mau

        Alina_Mau Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        Oooo a lot of those multi-ingredient ideas would make great cooking recipes since the kegs/jars can only take one ingredient right now :eek:

        I had ideas for new items too! like putting any flower into the keg would actually make perfume! because perfume is mostly alcohol :rofl:

        A new coffee plant which produces coffee beans!
        preserves jar + coffee beans = coffee

        Cooking recipe wheat + stone = flour!
        I'd really like the ability to grow rice so that I could combine
        rice + stone = rice flour and then cook that to make mochi *w*
        You could also then keg + rice = sake
        I had also thought about keg + potato = vodka and keg + corn = moonshine
        recipe flour + sugar + any jam = jam cookies? idk if that's a thing or not :rofl:
        but the beets to sugar idea is genius I always forget that's a thing you can do *0*
        • Alina_Mau

          Alina_Mau Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          The reason for this difference is purely the fact that currency scales differently in each game. Like how 1000 yen is only about 1 US dollar in contrast

          the numbers I chose I felt fit with the scale of stardew better? the red mist flowers were a weird throw out but I figured it would be a cool super rare seed, like maybe you could only get them from the caravan or they'd just be really expensive somehow :rofl: or just drop the red pricing altogether and just make it a color variant blue grass, like how the ingame tulips have multiple colors :3

          (hope it's okt o double post as long as it's a reply, if not I'm sorry ;o; )
          • endermaryn

            endermaryn Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            I like the idea of different colors for the flower species. :up: Blue Mist could be the base with a chance to produce red and purple varieties that sold for more. Same with Moon Drop which would be yellow as the base with silver and orange, for example, selling for more. And the others could work the same.
            I do not envy the work Killerbotto has ahead of them with getting the prices and logistics of this mod to work. Especially with all the great ideas for additional crops and recipes coming in. :headbanging:
            • Tassii

              Tassii Cosmic Narwhal

              not sure how to acquire bacon
              • Killerbotto

                Killerbotto Orbital Explorer

                Just updated it!! Hope you and everyone enjoys the mod!!
                These is some serious research!! Thank you so much for the help and the feedback!!!
                Those ideas are really good!! Just need to figure out how to add new machines and recipes to machines that already exists!!
                Not lying, there will be a lot of work, and progress may not be as faster as these update (less than a week after mod release), but i will love working in these ideas!!
                Bacon recipe aquisition method has just changed with the update!! Now you get the recipe by watching the cooking channel!!!
                • UnbindingH8

                  UnbindingH8 Orbital Explorer

                  Fantastic mod! Now I just have to wait to find the recipes... :rainbow:
                  • Tassii

                    Tassii Cosmic Narwhal

                    ok added the new stuff..hope I can get it lol...I hate to have to start over again..:(
                    • zyymurgy

                      zyymurgy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      This is a wonderful mod, but I have a couple of comments and suggestions :3

                      First off, I'd like to see a version without meat bushes, since it feels a little bit too much like The Sims for me! If this is a hassle I just won't use them though :)

                      Second, I'd love to see OP collaborate with another spriter, since almost all of their work is great, but a couple things in the screenshots I could see would benefit from the loving hand of someone who does tiny sprites more regularly (red pepper in specific). Though those trees do look amazing!

                      And third, I'd like to chime in about classic HM flowers: YES PLEASE! I would love to see a version that has the traditional flowers.

                      @Killerbotto might benefit from checking out the work being done over in the thread @ThatNorthernMonkey is working on for butchering and meat processing. They've done work with adding more machines into the game, and could probably help you :) You might be able to collab on meat sprites as well.

                      I'd love to see a version of this mod which doesn't replace any files, but I'm not sure how it could be done :0

                      And now, a couple of suggestions from my end for additions!

                      The Minecraft mod called "Pam's Harvest Craft", wiki link found over here, is one of my favorite mods and it's one I would encourage OP to look into for inspiration on what can be added into this mod, as well as some tiny sprites to look at, and perhaps use or modify for use with this mod! Or at the very least use as a reference for making new sprites themself. It contains a boatload of crops, and an INSANE amount of recipes that use those crops.

                      Pam's also includes some fish, which can be inspiration as well :3

                      That's all I can think of for now, but I'm loving this mod already.
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                      • Syzxpkq

                        Syzxpkq And Do the MONKEY!

                        the red pepper looks really weird. others are quite alright.

                        btw, how many ores will i get by planting it into soil/planting a tree ?
                        • Tassii

                          Tassii Cosmic Narwhal

                          my ore seeds once planted still look the same and have not grown at all....I have them in the green house and also have the plant all seasons mod too..all so the seeds have the green + like ready to harvest..if U pick them you get weeds and can stand there and keep harvesting a empty spot with the weeds in had and just build up the amount.
                          • Syzxpkq

                            Syzxpkq And Do the MONKEY!

                            sorry i don't understand. aren't the ore seeds and saplings obtained from crafting? i updated the mod and i can still craft them. is that a bug? and actually i think it's cool to get the ability to craft those seeds with the increasing of the skill levels. why do i have to get seeds by watching TV ?
                            • Igorious

                              Igorious Sandwich Man

                              I think, if your character has known these recipes before mod updating, then they shouldn't be loosed.
                              All recipes stored in save-file, so you should modify save-file, if you want to «forget» recipes.

                              It's possible by using SMAPI + .NET Reflection. MenuEvents.MenuChanged allows to get ShopMenu, private fields forSale and itemPriceAndStock contain information about seeds and other selling items.
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                              • BlueChariot

                                BlueChariot Space Spelunker

                                Hey, real nice mod, I've been wanting onions or carrots and stuff in the base game. Been messing around with it, and found a few things.

                                Gold and Red pepper can be planted in summer, description states it is a fall plant
                                Lettuce is can be planted in spring, description states it is a summer plant
                                Carrot and Onion vegetables are classified as seeds and can be planted (on purpose?)
                                Beef is classified as a seed (on purpose?)
                                Lemon, Banana, and Olive saplings have no graphic in inventory/when carrying
                                Cocoa and Papaya saplings have seed packet graphic (on purpose?)
                                A single olive sells for 500!?

                                As far as ideas for other things, maybe peanut plants or almond/hazelnut/walnut trees? Maybe someday turn them into their respective nut butters in one of the machines? Or putting olives in the oil maker for olive oil?
                                • UnbindingH8

                                  UnbindingH8 Orbital Explorer

                                  I was just wondering how rare the recipes are on the cooking channel. I have gone through all of winter without finding the recipes, or are they found on specific dates? I know that the mod is installed properly, I can see the greyed out sprites at the bottom of the cooking menu.
                                  • UnbindingH8

                                    UnbindingH8 Orbital Explorer

                                    I'm not sure if you meant "without file replacing" at all or without replacing existing crops because it does create its own standalone crops in case that's what you wanted.
                                    • Killerbotto

                                      Killerbotto Orbital Explorer

                                      Thak you!! Hope you find them fast!!
                                      With this new update, you do not need to startover at all!!
                                      Thank you for the support and feedback!! I have started doing this mod and with it pixel art a week ago, most of the sprites are not that good, but I am trying my best! I was not happy with the red pepper sprite at all, but I could not put a single sprite in the way of launching a mayor update :p thabk you so much for suggesting pam harvest craft, I will take a good look at it!. The mod cant be done without replacing any files, since including the vanilla crops are in the files i overwrited, so in order to add new crops, those files need to be changed...
                                      Red pepper was the most difficult one to make, but i will have it changed in the next update. All ores seeds grows to 1-3 ores per plant, trees gives 1 each day of the season.
                                      Unfortunatelly the plant all seeds all season overwrites the Crops.xnb files, exatcly the one file that describes the cropa growth, so they are able to be planted, but cant grow at all :(
                                      In the previous version of the mod the seeds were aquired by crafting, now by cooking. You can still craft them, because the file CrafringRecipes.xnb is the one from the previous version of the mod, if you want to "forget" those recipes, need to convert this file to the original one, that will problably fix it!
                                      That is a REALLY nice thing to asd to the mod, how would be possible to edit the hardcode? What file name it has? What tools do i need exactly?
                                      OMG there are some serious errors in the code!! Thank you for pointing them out!! I will fiz them as soon as possibld and release an update fixing them!!
                                      It is random, i dont know how the game choose what recipes to teach the player in that day, there is no priority in the recipes ( dont knlw if that is a thing) so in theory all recipes have the same probability of being learned
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                                      • Tassii

                                        Tassii Cosmic Narwhal

                                        I love the mod but sorry to say I have to remove it untill if at anytime you can get with the All season all plant dude and work something out...but keep up the mod its grate!
                                        • Syzxpkq

                                          Syzxpkq And Do the MONKEY!

                                          i really think crafting is much cooler than cooking... you know, it give me power to work hard to increase my farming skill... i don't want to forget them, and i'd even like to see them in the later versions:nurukappa:

                                          Oh..and when i update the mod i was only level 9, so there's still 1 crafting i've not learnt yet. sad about that.

                                          btw, maybe you should try to mod with storm or smapi, so that it'll be possible to work together with other mods, and maybe there will be a way to edit pierre's inventory.
                                          To be honest, i don't want to see the seeds and saplings in the shop even you can make it. Actually, i think crafting is the coolest way to add new seeds and crops to the game, cuz in that way increasing my skill levels will be a real fun. maybe you should add them into not only farming skills, but also fishing/mining/combat/foraging, then it will be a must to play in many aspects in the game, not only earning money.

                                          just some advice. it's your mod and it's all up to you.(sorry for my bad english, hope you get my point
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