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  1. StardropPJ

    StardropPJ Void-Bound Voyager

    Pets, well are bland in the game. You get one and it does not do much. This suggestions will suggest new ideas for cats!


    1. Tuxedo Cat: on a random day, George will give you a letter saying he needs you to get rid of some more "raccoons" from his trash. If you check out his trash can at night you find out that this "raccoon" is a tuxedo cat! You then get the option to adopt it! It's a little rascal!
    Imported piskel(1).png Imported piskel (1).png
    2. Sewer Cat: found randomly in the sewers. Feed it a Mutant Carp to get the option to adopt it. It kinda smells, how long has it been in the sewer?
    Imported piskel.png
    3. Tabby/Calico Cat: these 2 cats can rarely appear in The Forest, only one will appear though. Encountering the cat will give you the option to adopt it.
    Imported piskel(2).png Imported piskel(3).png
    4. Brownie Cat: once one of your cats has full hearts this cat will appear on your farm. Interacting with it will give you the option to adopt it.
    Imported piskel(4).png
    5. Frost Cat: this cat is found rarely in the forest when its winter. Interacting with it will give you the option to adopt it. It's fur is so thick it doesn't get cold, even in the most wildest blizzard.
    Imported piskel.png
    6. Cavern Cat: this cat can be found at floor 120 in the mines. It looks lonely, maybe you could give it a new home? Interact with it to get the option to adopt it.
    Imported piskel (2).png

    Cat Bed: your cats will always sleep in this every night instead of a random area.

    Cat Tower: you can place this in your house and your cats will play on it. Makes getting hearts faster

    Litter Box: a box filled with dirt and sand. Place it down To boost cats hearts! (Needs daily cleaning)

    Yarn Ball: place it on the floor to let your cats play with it! Increases hearts.

    Cat Whistle: blow into the whistle to call all your cats to you!

    Feather Toy: a tool that lets you play with your cats to raise their hearts. New Piskel.png

    Dish: a dish for all your water and food... for cats. New Piskel (1).png New Piskel (2).png New Piskel (3).png

    1. Hunt mice, mice will eat your crops like crows. But you need cats (or dogs) to stop them!
    2. Follow you around! Have your cat follow you around while you walk around town.
    3. Have hearts like other people and animals, so now you can get more attached to your cat.
    4. Pick up your cats and show them to the people of the town. Some will like seeing your cat and some won't. (Great for starting friendships with people)
    When a 2 of your cats reach full hearts. They will be able to have kittens. Kittens stay inside your house until they become cats. Kittens need daily food/water (and cuddles) to stay happy and to grow. You can also sell them if you wish to.

    After you have gotten 2 cats, Robin will start to have the building option of a "Cat House". The Cat House is a little shack that your cats will stay in if you assign them to it (like a coop/barn). Each Cat House allows for you to have +3 cats.
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    • rockmega

      rockmega Void-Bound Voyager

      These are all great ideas, however, i think it would also be nice to find a purpose for increasing your pet's friendship level other than just getting a message about them loving you. Like maybe an event or an use for growing such a strong bond with your pets.
      Also it would be nice to be able to customize your starting cat a bit more, imo.
      • StardropPJ

        StardropPJ Void-Bound Voyager

        Custom sprites added! Just so you can get a concept on what they would look like.
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        • roburconqueror

          roburconqueror Tentacle Wrangler


          I would like to have more than one cat. Cat (or dog) could hunt for slimes on the loose.

          Dead mouse from the cat at the doormat? :) Mouse in hat? :D
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          • StardropPJ

            StardropPJ Void-Bound Voyager

            Hmm, maybe your crops could get ate by mice along with crows.. and cats scare them off? Would that be neat?
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            • SpaceRobo

              SpaceRobo Phantasmal Quasar

              Sooo basically youre suggesting turning the farmer into a cat lady? xD
              Just kidding. :p
              I would love having the option to pick up your cat/dog and show it to people to get their reaction about it, as well, I would love the option to play with them and/or have a festival revolving around it, like a yearly dog/cat competition or frisbee at the beach at summer. Having a squeaky toy for dog and a ball and maybe a yarnball and toy mouse for cat would be fun and make them much more entertaining than just the current lazybums they are :p
              • StardropPJ

                StardropPJ Void-Bound Voyager

                I made the limit on how many cats you can have. But I removed it cause I wanted to be a crazy cat lady :3
                --- Post updated ---
                Oh! That's a great idea! Would you like me to add that?
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                • Lilliput

                  Lilliput Supernova

                  These are a lot of fun and I think the ideas for cats are great, but shouldn't this thread be in Mod Discussion instead? These aren't changes to the core game, you're proposing making a new mod for all these lovely feline fantasies.

                  EDIT: Whoops, my mistake, you're just making the icons for fun, not working on a mod. Carry on!
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                  • StardropPJ

                    StardropPJ Void-Bound Voyager

                    140 view is in one day? :3 that's pretty insane. If anyone wants me to add a certain cat breed just say it here! :D
                    • SpaceRobo

                      SpaceRobo Phantasmal Quasar

                      Sure, go ahead :D
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                      • StardropPJ

                        StardropPJ Void-Bound Voyager

                        I'm going to add and remove some thingys. We need more cats :3

                        If any mods read this please state your opinion on this post!
                        • Snurtsnurgle

                          Snurtsnurgle Star Wrangler

                          I want the sewer cat, so I can sing this.

                          When I was playing this game I was wishing I could give the pets treats. Maybe we could give the cats the fish we catch, and they might have preferences on what fish they like. Also wanted to play with one of these cat toys like in the picture, and play fetch with the dog.


                          What do you think of spooky cat? It could be a witch/Spirit's Eve kind of thing with void chicken colouring perhaps.
                          • Red_Rose

                            Red_Rose Phantasmal Quasar

                            Soo cute but yes I would like that and some kittens.
                            • StardropPJ

                              StardropPJ Void-Bound Voyager

                              Update: added the kittens section.
                              • LilyGVenema

                                LilyGVenema Void-Bound Voyager

                                Sweet.. This would be a awesome mod Any modders out there? :nod:
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                                • StardropPJ

                                  StardropPJ Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Agree! It would be great as a mod and something ingame to. I'm getting tired of just reskins, we need something new!

                                  I wonder if anyone would do it though...
                                  --- Post updated ---
                                  I'm adding more sprites with the help of @LilyGVenema! I'm also going to add some more cats!
                                  • lazybutchfarmer

                                    lazybutchfarmer Void-Bound Voyager

                                    I love these!! I definitely want multiple cats... (partially bc I would love to make a funny Warrior Cats themed farm/mod whaaaat)
                                    But I'm no coder :[ is there a way we can formally request someone to mod this?
                                    • Ardalis

                                      Ardalis Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      Well Entoarox made the More pets mod that lets you adopt more cats/dogs for a fee check it out Here.
                                      • nash579

                                        nash579 Astral Cartographer

                                        Would love the idea, however iam missing two major points.

                                        First I want the ability to load my Kittens into the super slingshot to act like the crazy catlady in The Simpsons.

                                        Second and this one would be really cool, offers each cat a % chance to get a baby with a wild cat and breed
                                        a huge Tiger to ride on it. Or a lion. Or a mutant cat elefant.

                                        And i would hate every aspect of losing one of my non replaceable legendary fish, except that Iam a huge fan of your concept :)
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                                        • Stardews

                                          Stardews Void-Bound Voyager

                                          oh pleasee someone do this! all of your sprites are so cuuuute ughh I need this in my life :kitten:

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