RELEASED Monster insect replacements: Butterflies, Jetpack bunnies and Dragons; Oh my!

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    ALWAYS back up any files you are replacing. Make a folder called "Stardew valley mods and back ups" and put it on a drive or on your desk top.
    To install mods:

    1. Copy the .xnb file(s) it to "Characters" then "monsters" under Content in C: programfiles(86) steam/Steamapps/Common/Stardew Valley
    2. Click "ok" when it asks you if you want to replace and load up your game.
    3. Note: (If you have your game open while replacing files, the changes will not take place till you start up your game again.)
    If you have any questions, or instructions anywhere here are not clear, feel free to ask!

    So I saw a request to change the monsters up a bit since I think we can all agree, that grub is gross.

    So, for those who don't like bugs much, I made some replacements!

    Most people like butterflies, even if they are insects, so here are replacements for the bug and armored bug

    2016-04-09 13_40_39-Stardew Valley - Version 1.07-Z_MODDED _ SMAPI 0.38.6 Alpha.png 2016-04-09 13_46_09-Stardew Valley - Version 1.07-Z_MODDED _ SMAPI 0.38.6 Alpha.png
    Monarch.png Emporer.png


    Replacement for the grub and fly
    Jet pack bunny! Credit for idea: TheCatUnderTheSink and korbawest

    2016-04-09 15_38_11-Stardew Valley - Version 1.07-Z_MODDED _ SMAPI 0.38.6 Alpha.png 2016-04-09 15_37_37-Stardew Valley - Version 1.07-Z_MODDED _ SMAPI 0.38.6 Alpha.png
    Jetpack bunny.png Jetpack flying bunny.png


    And for those who wanted something a little more fitting to the world, a caterpillar to replace the grub.

    2016-04-09 12_04_24-Stardew Valley - Version 1.07-Z_MODDED _ SMAPI 0.38.6 Alpha.png


    Dragons to replace the Serpent!

    2016-04-09 21_26_25-Stardew Valley - Version 1.07-Z_MODDED _ SMAPI 0.38.6 Alpha.png
    Fire dragon.png



    2016-04-09 21_34_45-Stardew Valley - Version 1.07-Z_MODDED _ SMAPI 0.38.6 Alpha.png
    Ice dragon.png


    TO DO:​

    Replace the fly to a moth to go with the caterpillar or maybe another butterfly.

    As always, any recolors you would like me to do are always welcome!​
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    • korbawest

      korbawest Void-Bound Voyager

      Love these thank you vixxi!:catface:
      • Vixxi

        Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

        You are super welcome! Let me know if there are any weird stray pixels or issues, otherwise, enjoy! :party:
        • RoastedCoconutz

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          These are great, I especially like the caterpillar! Unfortunately I'd feel bad killing caterpillars and butterflies because I'm a bug lover, so I'll have to give your mod a pass. Now if they were cockroaches, mosquitoes and gnats I would be all over that.
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          • Acerbicon

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            I have no problem with the default in-game monsters, but when I saw these I just couldn't pass them up. The bunny just makes me think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, thinking of that bunny with a jetpack, it's hilarious and terrifying. These are fantastic.
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            • Vixxi

              Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

              I could totally do that! Ooh, what about wasp variants for the bug and armored bug? It would make sense that it hurts when you hit them.
              Oh, yes, a mosquito for sure to replace the fly. Even more annoying and the sound it makes would make so much sense.
              I'll definitely get to work on this.
              Oh my, the work is piling up! Haha, it may take a while.
              • Vixxi

                Vixxi Aquatic Astronaut

                Haha! It does doesn't it? Glad you like them! Let me know if there are any problems!
                • RoastedCoconutz

                  RoastedCoconutz Pangalactic Porcupine

                  Now those are all bugs I'd be happy to swat! I'll be playing this game for quite some time so no rush, and thanks. :)
                  • NayrAnur

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                    I thought I was the only one.

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