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    I am doing a community center run. Got kegs jars crops and a barn and a coop

    I was doing the math and it seems chickens and cows make the best gold per day and profit besides pigs being number 1.

    I am already trying to get an ancient seed for my green house but I am thinking of selling my ducks rabbit goats and sheep.

    Cows and chicken make decent gold per day right ? I am getting artisan perk and i have mayonaise makers with cheese makers.

    I am not trying to min max yet. I am on my first year and can't afford pigs yet. Also i like to store my profits for 2 weeks before selling everything. So every 15 days I sell 100 gold cheese 100 gold mayonaise and 80 wine or juices of crops. I also sell 50 assorted mushrooms and 120 fish.

    Is it normal to horde your goods and sell them only twice a season ? I feel like selling every day looks bad unless it's pigs. I like the big numbers on the money screen and I rather get paid big money every season than 3500gold every day.

    So cows and chickens are the best money makes besides pigs right ?

    And ancient fruit wine is nice but what do I do with my 40 jars ? They are kind of useless now.

    Should i plant cauliflower star fruit and pumpkins every year ?

    I been doing the 1 silo box strat and have 2000 hay in my box next to the silo with 240 hay.

    I am going to marry Emily but i love money. Should have went joja route hehe.

    I am doing community center so i need red cabbage but can't find it anywher . It's the only thing i need and then the community center is done.

    Thanks all for any tips, advice, and tricks. Thanks for answering my questions.

    I am new to the game but I think I will start focusing on money on my next playthrough
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      Animals lose the match against crops because you can produce way more products than animals, but I never saw a farm full of barns to have a honest comparison, while I see lots of farms with all the space occupied by iridium sprinklers.
      Goats make more money than cows because you can age goat cheese in the cellar and they worth the double. I can't say if X animal make more money than other, I made a thread long ago comparing sheeps to pigs and they made the same number (I had the rancher perk, not artisan), but overall is a good idea to have artisan if you want animals, the money that they make are very decent and more than enough for a casual run, the good side is that when you can afford auto-grabbers animals take zero effort to care and you still can break the game with the greenhouse alone.
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      • Holyanimal757

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        Thanks for the advice.

        I am actually running out of things to buy. I have cows chickens ancient fruit kegs jars fruit trees bee hives and lightning rods.

        I guess I am done. I might get a little bored with making 100k every few days. Oh well. Thanks for replaying, I might just start a new farm now and try to merry someone else.

        Be well and thank you.
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          Well, a bit of a scattershot inquiry, but I shall do my best to answer. Keep in mind, of course, that the following is merely my personal opinion and take. There is no 'wrong' way to play SDV, so YMMV.

          * As far as animals, unless you invest in the Shepherd perk, you probably want to stick with Cows and Chickens, save those necessary to complete your bundles (don't forget the Rabbit's Foot for the magician bundle and the truffle for the chef bundle). Mayo and Cheese are both decently profitable, very consistent, and also make good gifting opportunities. Unless you're doing something for a reason other than money (like, say, romancing Leah with Goat Cheese), goats and ducks are best avoided long-term. Likewise, unless you plan on wooing Emily with yards of cloth, sheep are only profitable if you go Shepherd, which is mutually exclusive with Artisan.

          * The question of should you save up and sell in batches or dump it in the bin ASAP is a somewhat nuanced one. At first glance, you can simply do whichever you prefer, so long as you have the money to invest in infrastructure. Tool upgrades and buildings don't come cheap, after all. Neither do seeds. However, it is perfectly viable and even potentially desirable to not sell things off. The less 'cash in hand' you have, the less you'll get charged for passing out from exhaustion in the mines, meaning longer you can spend down there. While produce and artisan goods aren't exactly liquid, they can generally be liquidated fairly easily if an expense comes up.

          * The most profitable crop for the year is... planting Ancient Fruit on the 1st of Spring and harvesting it all year 'round. Especially if you plant it on Deluxe Speed-Gro. There's also a cute little trick you can manage if you have the Sewer unlocked. Go to the statue on the 28th of Winter and reset your perks. Then pick the Agriculturalist perk instead of Artisan. Plant your ancient fruit on Deluxe Speed Gro. The following day, reset your perk back to Artisan. The plants only check for your Agriculturalist perk when you plant them, and you only need to plant once a year with this strategy, which nets you an extra yield per year. Well worth the money and trouble.

          * Failing that, I'd suggest Rhubarb over Cauliflower in Spring, assuming you don't have Strawberries available. For Summer, it's Hops and Starfruit planted around said hops. For fall, cranberries and pumpkins are the two most valuable crops.

          * You can plant fruit trees in the Greenhouse. You can fit 18 in a perimeter around the crops, and another 12 on the dirt, for a total of 30 of them. Take your 40 jars, build another 50 for a total of 90, and use them to keep yourself supplied with Peach/Pomegranate Preserves.

          * Crops are going to be more valuable than anything animals can produce, from the perspective of profit per footprint, but having one barn and one coop isn't the worst idea in the world. If nothing else, Cheese is an amazing food for going mining with.

          * Red Cabbage is a Year Two Plus crop. It won't be available in the first year. However, the cart vendor that shows up on Fridays and Sundays might sell you one for the bundle completion, or might sell you the seeds.
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          • Lew Zealand

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            I needed to strike a balance between my love for money and my abject laziness. So if you go ultra-lazy, then a Greenhouse full of Ancient Fruit made into wine afterwards is the best. However I already did that on my first SV save so on the second save I'm doing the slightly less lazy but Mo' Money (my chicken's name) route: Starfruit wine, it brings in a happy money 6300g/ea with the Artisan profession.

            OK, how much wine can you put in the cellar casks to age to iridum quality? About 120 at one time (keepin' the math easy for us lazyfolk). It takes a half year to age it so that's 240 iridium wine you make per year and 240 Starfruit you plant in the Greenhouse (or in your summer crop but I don't do this). It grows in 9d with Deluxe Speed-Gro so there are 12.4 crops per year. 240/12.4 crops = 19.35 or (round up) 20 plots of Starfruit you need to plant in the Greenhouse. How many kegs? 7d per wine bottle and 20 bottles out every 9 days, to 20/9*7=15.56 or (round up) 16 kegs.

            OK, time to check our sums: 16 kegs of Starfruit wine outputting every 7 days or 1 week. 16 weeks per year. 16*16=256, just about what we'd need to keep 240 iridium quality wine going through the cellar every year.

            The rest of the Greenhouse goes to Ancient Fruit which goes into Preserves Jars but you do get more g/d from Kegs so really you shouldn't bother with Preserves Jars unless you have a resources shortage. I never have charcoal around to make the Jars and I never have iron bars around to make the Kegs as they're all going into making bombs for the caverns. However early in the game I'm not making those yet so I end up with a reasonable amount of Preserves Jars hence the Ancient fruit going in there.

            The rest:

            I usually end up with a lot of quality sprinklers once the Greenhouse gets iridium ones so outside I just plant the best seasonal crop (cauliflower, blueberry/melon, cranberry/pumpkin, Winter Seeds) that can be auto-watered (I use melon and pumpkin in cooking).

            Barn: Pigs, keep 1 cow and 1 goat for cooking
            Coop: beg-buy-borrow-steal a dinosaur egg and amplify, keep 1 chicken and rabbit for cooking and cloth (fun in 1.4)

            Pigs make the most g with or without the oil maker. I've found that 4 oil makers keeps my truffles at maintenance for a full year but I think I'm maintaining them too much so 6 might be better so I can ignore them more. Remember, *lazy*
            While dino mayo doesn't make as much as the others, it is a lot less work than the others as Dinos only lay once a week I think. And I have my Casks busy with Starfruit wine so no aged cheese option.

            If anyone has any good lazy/money suggestions, I'm interested!
            • thelastoverseer

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              1. Never go the Joja route (why pay $$$ when you can have a better experience, giving free forage stuff and plan your farm when doing the community bundles).
              2. Use casks for 10 percent of the ancient fruit wine, sell the rest, keep 1 in the refrigerator or container.
              3. Animals dun make much money except pigs but do keep a few (to balance the game or make the experience better).
              4. You want your farm to make all kinds of products not just one.
              5. Grow ancient fruits and fruit trees in the greenhouse, sell the fruits and 30 percent of the ancient fruits, put 50 percent in kegs and 20 percent in preserve jars.
              6. Starfruit plus deluxe speed growth (Sandy from the desert sells for 80g each) plus kegs or preserve jars = super profit
              7. Pumpkins are also nice (depending on your funds and farm space).
              8. The beauty of Stardew Valley is "there is no right or wrong".

              My guide will give you short term profit, middle term profit and long term profit.
              • WilliamZ

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                Those hints are extremely outdated lol, it's the kind of stuff that you find when you google and fall on a page of PcGamer and such, but you're right about one thing:


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