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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Pilchenstein, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Pilchenstein

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    The "Modules in a Box" mod (included with Base In A Box and MadTulip's Ship Mod) includes the ability to export building blueprints to your starbound.log file, with instructions for installing in your /assets/user/ folder to make them permanent additions to your game.

    I've written a small app to help automate the process of extracting custom building blueprints from the log and saving them in /assets/user/ which is available to download here. No installation is necessary, though the exe will produce a single .ini file in the same folder as it's run from.


    Here's a brief guide to the UI:
    On first run, you'll need to locate your Starbound folder (by clicking the penguin) and choose which log file to examine (most likely you'll want "starbound.log" but you can choose older logs too) once you have the right folder and a log file that contains blueprints, click "Scan Log File" to extract the blueprints and then "Save All" to export them all to your /assets/user/ folder.

    Advanced users can also inspect each object to see which files are being exported and optionally rename the object but none of that is necessary - although the default object names are generic, in-game you'll see whatever name & description you entered when scanning.

    If anyone has any suggestions or feature requests, feel free to let me know. :)
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  2. wolf warstorm

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    this isn't working for me
    I am using the gog version Capture.JPG
    not really sure whats wrong
  3. Pilchenstein

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    That log file contains zero objects so you can't do anything with it - are you using the latest version of the mod?
  4. wolf warstorm

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    yes and now the game wont start
    I followed the instructions on the front page about deleting the old version and adding the new one
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  5. Pilchenstein

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    I've just uploaded a version that should fix this.
  6. donovan1345

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    Will there be a website made so we can share our builds with others?
  7. Pilchenstein

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    I wouldn't object if someone wanted to do that but I really don't have the time or the expertise to create and maintain a website that complicated. You could always upload your stuff as a mod on here and specify that it requires Base In A Box to work (plus any other mods you'd included items from) but I'd want to check that was ok with Chucklefish first, to be honest.

    @mollygos - would it be ok if people uploaded "mini" mods like that to add custom printers?
  8. Triggerx21

    Triggerx21 Orbital Explorer

    Is your app still available for writing the blueprints? im using your base in a box mod and im trying to figure out how to fill the custom tab
  9. Pilchenstein

    Pilchenstein Ketchup Robot

    Yes, you should be able to click the words "download here" in the first post - I just tested it and it works for me in an incognito window so you shouldn't need a google account or anything to get it.

    Here's the link again to save you scrolling back up :V
  10. Triggerx21

    Triggerx21 Orbital Explorer

    Thank your for the link, I saw the words download but i never hovered over it! Great tool i got it working no issues
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