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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Nordaadder, May 13, 2015.

  1. XelSlime

    XelSlime Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I don't know if it's been mentioned, but here's an idea to think about.

    You know that "Second-U" mod? How it's able to create a duplicate of your character?

    Would it be at all possible to push the idea further and create a mod that lets you make an NPC clone of another one of your character slots? It'd allow us to truly have control over NPC customization, and if combined with the "Job Offers" mod, there ya go, custom crewmembers with your choice of name, race, gender, hairstyle, etc.

    A number of people, myself included, have wanted to see more ways to customize NPCs, especially ones we want to recruit. "Create-a-Friend" is nice for creating guards and equipping them with specific weapons n' stuff, but they're just sorta... pre-picked selections, like the first type always being the same look for the race you're spawning.

    I bet people wouldn't mind if all they could do was pick the name of their spawned NPCs though.
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  2. Axe Garian

    Axe Garian Oxygen Tank

    It'd also be cool if we could give each Crewmember a Custom Uniform specifically for just them.
  3. bk3k

    bk3k Black Hole Surfer

    Unfortunately I don't think we can read the player save files from within a mod. At best would be creating an item with the relevant information saved(statis/clone pod?). Then from another character you activate it as an NPC. Obviously this means visiting a base held in common and that means you've found the same world(wrote down the coordinates I guess).

    Honestly I don't know enough about players/NPCs at this point to consider doing this myself.
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  4. yay855

    yay855 Void-Bound Voyager

    I'd really love an item or mechanic that automatically plays your songs without requiring the player to hold an instrument or similar item, as well as letting you create playlists. This could be done via a piece of furniture (a Jukebox or speaker, for example), or, once you've reached a certain level, an MP3 player that you can toggle on and off via your inventory. To continue the theme, you could add a cosmetic headpiece that look like earbuds.
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  5. GammaNu

    GammaNu Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Smart Turrets with :
    - like it was, the ability to load a weapon into it for the turret to use as fireing device
    - a targeting UI to set what to target (critters, npc, players... and why not an option to shoot all but those wearing some specific uniform.
    - a fuel slot. If empty, the firerate will be regulated by a very slow reloading energy bar. If fuel is not empty, when the energy bar get down, it use fuel to restore it and sustain fire (and pipe ready for starfoundry without depending on it)

    Catapult transport system :
    A set of tiered catapult as launcher item.
    Basic-one : you load in, a window pop in to let you select on the planete surface where you want to land. You validate, it send you at extreme speed. Up to you to use some grapping hook or other device to not die on landing. (transport you from surface to same planete surface using a clean balistic path)

    piercering-one : like the basic one, but you can target underground, when fired, your in a mining capsule. It will dig a tunnel to your target before breaking you free. (a grief free edition can be done to not destroy player placed tiles and stop when reaching it).

    phase-one : can be placed and activated underground, can target anywhere on the planete (but if you target in a wall you will suffocate when reaching it). The same than other-ones, but you swith to a parallele dimention (a no-clip dimention) for the exact time of your travel, so you can go thru wall starting from underground an ending underground (or where-ever you want on the planete).

    hyperspace-serie : with it, you can go from where you are (underground or not) to anywhere you want on any planete.
    Two models :
    the phase-like whormhole-catapult : basicly a teleporter who send you anywhere you whant.
    the piercing-like deathray-catapult (or interstellar-railgun-catapult) : beam you from where you are to where you whant destroying all in it path. (why not with beam diameter configurable from 2 tiles to... too many).

    Shield Generator :
    - can protect player placed tiles linked to it
    - or swith to a circular dome of tiles protections
    - or use a specifique wire path system to define it coverage area.
    and with starfoundry, it need fuel to stay active.
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  6. The Warpsmith

    The Warpsmith Void-Bound Voyager

    Id kill a man for a detailed set of Crimson Lance armor complete with dye function...I know there is 1 mod that adds a non-colorable helmet but honestly it only vaguely looks like the real deal

    Also more alien races from other IPs, I was blown away that there still isn't any full-fledged mass effect race mod available on the workshop...I mean cmon...where is my Geth?
  7. @ndy

    @ndy Industrial Terraformer

    i would like to see mod that would change Space stations into...
    lets make space dungeon defense!
    lets be real it nearly done work now we just need to make different kinds of rooms from spawn/trap to things like mine rooms!
    could work great with FU as it has real load of various effects that would make it ahrder to crack
    or to make all those anew
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