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Mods that cheats your Starbound game

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by RockyTV, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. RockyTV

    RockyTV Big Damn Hero

    This is going to be a discussion topic about what YOU think about mods that alter Starbound's gameplay by adding recipes like 1 copper ore to make a Ferozium Tech Upgrade.

    For me, I think they ruin the hell out of your game. I, in 56 hours, managed to get to Impervium tier, WITHOUT cheats (well I just got a molten core because my brother said it wasn't dropping but then I killed the boss). And then why make stuff like that since Starbound is easy and meant to be played like that? Why craft a Ferozium Tech Upgrade with 1 copper bar? Why ruin the perfectly-balanced Starbound gameplay?

    Your thoughts, please.
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  2. Drewdawg

    Drewdawg Big Damn Hero

    This game is a singleplayer game and it doesn't have competitive multiplayer.. why do you care?
  3. DexterousGecko

    DexterousGecko Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Once in a while, my little sister wants to play Minecraft. She cheats constantly and it drives me crazy, but in the end, she's having fun, and I just do my own thing (survival) and it's a good time. If someone affects my game with cheating ala torchlight 2 or something, then it's NOT cool.
  4. Firestar

    Firestar Void-Bound Voyager

    Because the fun of Starbound is that it's a fully moddable game. People can play how they want and with the degree of difficulty they want without anyone telling them that their way of playing is "wrong".

    This is why I bought Starbound. So I can play however the hell I want.
  5. Omegnarok

    Omegnarok Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I wouldn't use them but I won't get angry with anyone who does. It's a lot like those graphic mods for skyrim that add "perfect female bodies", I don't like them but I don't yell at other people about them.

    HOWEVER, on a server I would prefer there to be no cheats enabled.
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  6. hansmorg

    hansmorg Big Damn Hero

    Good for you! You managed to be unaffected by cheats!

    What's the problem?
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2013
  7. Mansen

    Mansen Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Same here - I often play Minecraft with my girlfriend, but she doesn't like the combat system. So we play on peaceful and I spawn in mob drops as needed for her to continue building (She likes digging though so creative isn't really an option :rolleyes:)
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  8. omega780

    omega780 Void-Bound Voyager

    If its done on singleplayer, who cares. If its done on multiplayer, then its a problem. Right now, devs probably shouldn't be worried about people cheating. If somebody wants to use a cheat engine to give them a ton of coal so they can explore more and find more bugs...let them. Other people will play the game normally to find the early game bugs.
  9. Pixelmoon

    Pixelmoon Space Hobo

    On the topic of modding, I think the development team have been very clever in enabling people to add this kind of content. Quite frankly, a large part of the success of Minecraft for example, is that players can mould part of the experience into something they like.

    Just think how many more people play Minecraft because of Nations, Essentials, Tekkit etc. Chucklefish did their homework and know that if they open up a game like this, it will prolong its popularity and the community can help create systems / content to push the game further.
  10. Sanakri

    Sanakri Void-Bound Voyager

    Let people mod their game into oblivion and let them cheat this way as much as they want. It does not affect me playing on "my" server in any way nor do I care about others spending their time ingame in a different way.
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  11. RockyTV

    RockyTV Big Damn Hero

    I don't get it, it's like: "ok you can have a mod that makes it easy to get Impervium tier", but probably the guy who played it will get in an hour and then stop playing Starbound.
    The other day, my brother came to me and said "you know, we haven't been doing what almost all the other people do - build and explore. We were just jumping from planet to planet and gathering useless stuff". And then we got some resources and built something up.
  12. hansmorg

    hansmorg Big Damn Hero

    I still don't get what the problem is, could you explain it to me?
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  13. ejh1990

    ejh1990 Phantasmal Quasar

    To each their own. If someone wants to risk ruining their experience, then on their own head be it. Or maybe it wouldn't ruin their experience. What is bad for one person is fine for another, and vice versa. Furthermore, this game isn't fully ready to be played properly. Sure, one can if one really wants to (and many people do). And power to those people too. And "cheaty-mods" also mean more people can test higher-tier stuff for breakages etc...

    ... Then again, barring complete breakages, if they weren't obtained in the normal course of play is it really a fair test? Who knows.

    Ultimately, as long as everyone's having fun and the bugs get squished, everything's peachy.

    tl;dr: whatever floats your boat, it's all cool.
  14. Aeon

    Aeon Phantasmal Quasar

    There is no valid argument. nor is there an issue with cheat mods either, so please if you are going to make a thread about some inconsequential thing that OTHER people do in their singleplayer games or on a closed server with friends. please give us a good reason other than "i don't like it"

    Also need i remind you that starbound is still in EARLY BLOODY BETA YOU GIT? (JK)

    No offense intended but whatever. as i have quickly ran out of patience dealing with people who cannot logic.
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  15. Taiine

    Taiine Big Damn Hero

    For me, if you want to cheat, then go for it! If you enjoy going around and chopping everything in one hit, or exploring the endless sea of space, or seeing if you can blow up a whole world, by all means! Do what you want to do that you find enjoyable. But also keep such to single player so we all can enjoy the game hoe we like.

    People keep saying they are 'ruining the experience for themselvs' how so? Because they want to have FUN in their own way? Really take Minecraft for example. They have so many mods that can change the full on core gameplay, look at Tekkit, or FeedtheBeast, would you call that 'ruining' the experience because they want to play with mods that can give them super powered items? Maybe people just want to have fun and play their own way, rather killing everything, or building with out having to hunt many worlds to find the right blocks.

    It's this sort of reason that Minecraft has grown so large, they allow players to play how they want. Do what they want to do. I would have gotten bored with the base game years ago if not for the large set of mods that you can find letting you do everything you can imagine.

    Modding is a good way to keep a game alive and allow people to make it their own experience. I'm sure at some point there may even be a planet creator where you can make your own world, or design out your own dungeons and share them with people.
  16. GundamZphyr7

    GundamZphyr7 Big Damn Hero

    I don't care if someone uses mods to alter their game experience.

    What I DO care about is people whining to get the core game changed to cater to their juvenile needs.

    But really, mods are a non-issue imo. I may end up using mods to create a more survivalist/challenging game experience anyway since there's no guarantee the core game will live up to my expectations on release.
  17. Fabel90

    Fabel90 Void-Bound Voyager

    It's in early beta. Hardly perfectly-balanced gameplay yet. :p
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  18. JFoxx64

    JFoxx64 Big Damn Hero

    "Live and let live". Laissez faire. We need to stop bantering one another's play styles. Everyone plays Starbound as individuals, not as a Borg. If you want to play the game without cheats, do it! If someone else wants to cheat, let 'em! Remember that when going into public servers, in the current state, cheating is likely going to be there. It'll be ironed out as we go, but this is beta. Enjoy the game, however you want!
  19. Namemeana

    Namemeana Orbital Explorer

    While I personally do not condone cheats, I think we should let other players do with them what they wish. (At least until they use them on public servers, that kinda crosses the line.)

    However, while I don't use cheats personally, they can also be useful for testing game mechanics and other things, say for instance I'm pretty sure not many people are on the last tier currently available, I know there are some, but not many as the other teirs, so it hasn't gotten a lot of testing as the other tiers have. If someone cared more about testing rather than playing one could use cheats to access that area quickly and allow there to be more testing in that area, albeit their validity may hampered due to the use of mods which altered the original game, their reports would still be (At the very least somewhat) valid if the game was modded in such a way to allow them to access that portion of the game quicker and not anything that could effect that portion of the game.

    TL;DR: I personally do not condone cheats, but they have their uses both in terms of enjoyability and testing.

    That's my opinion on cheats.
  20. Jwoo2023

    Jwoo2023 Void-Bound Voyager

    In 56 hours, I just defeated the robot O.O
    [EDIT: HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!?!?!]

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