RELEASED ModDrop (Mod Manager for Stardew Valley) 2018-11-06

Install, Uninstall, Backup Files, Drag and Drop support, Auto Updates, Sharing and lots more.

  1. M0dScientist

    M0dScientist Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks for your kinds words, you have no idea much they mean to us! It's hearing from users like you that drive us to keep working on ModDrop.

    RE: Adding a "Donate" option:

    I made a promise when we first started work on ModDrop that the company wouldn't take any money until we found a way to fairly share it with the community of content creators that make ModDrop valuable in the first place. Our hope is that the revenue model we role out will include everyone that contributes to the modding scene, not just the platform holders. This has proved more complicated than we originally anticipated, but we're close to announcing our plans.
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    • IridiumGiant

      IridiumGiant Lucky Number 13

      Excited to see what you release.

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