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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by joe730, Jul 4, 2019.

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    Hey guys!
    So I'm new here and I'm kind of lost yet, so if I'm creating this thread in the wrong place, you can correct me :p. . Anyway, I would like to know if anyone could tell me if there is any mod that adds more damage to the weapons. I have a mod installed (Barret's Armory Mod) but the weapons do very little damage( a .50 cal need 10 shots to kill a common enemy) :( Even using the best armors and using the mods Augment Combiner, Armor Augment Slots and Augmentation IV (using the damage epp aug on everything) I can not have an acceptable damage in Barret's weapons Mod.
    it seems that this mod is not up to date for a while. (I use other mods that add weapons, Immersive Weapons Mod and Community Weapons mod, both lacking damage)
    So ... if anyone can tell me if there is a mod that increases my damage or maybe even someone want to create a mod like this ( :p lol), I will be grateful. thx!
    P.S: english its not my for any mistakes
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    I've attached a quickie-mod. All it does is increase your power multiplier to 2.0, which will double all the damage that you do. Simply un-zip the folder into your "Starbound\mods" folder. I decided not to bundle it as a ".pak" file simply so that you can alter the multiplier to whatever you want (1.5, 2.7, 100.0, etc.). If you want to change the value, open the file named "player.config.patch", and change the number "2.0" to something else. You'll have to restart Starbound for the change to take effect.

    If you were looking for something more elaborate instead (like modifying specific weapons' damage), let me know. Although, I can't guarantee that I'll have the time or ability to do anything too fancy :nuruwink:

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    yaaay! Worked perfectly!! Thanks a lot for the help!!

    Using the multiplier in 2.0x, I can already enjoy all the mods I downloaded!
    ;) ;)
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    No problem. Good to hear.
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