Modded Stardew Keeps Crashing

Discussion in 'Mods' started by fruitcakegary, Feb 6, 2019.

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  1. fruitcakegary

    fruitcakegary Lucky Number 13

    Hi everyone, every time I run my game SMAPI shuts down and the screen turns purple for a moment before closing the SMAPI tab. I already deleted all mods that caused errors in the log but in the bottom of the log the same error repeats for about 60 times and I can't find the corresponding file.
    Does somebody know what causes the issue and what I can do?
    The link to my log is
    • Moragaine

      Moragaine Existential Complex

      You've opted into the SdV beta, but you're still using the Smapi for 1.3.33; update your Smapi to the one for the beta and you'll be fine.
      • fruitcakegary

        fruitcakegary Lucky Number 13

        It works fine now! Thank you!
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        • ambersero

          ambersero Space Hobo

          When I go into my world, everything seems to be fine, except about two minutes in my screen is frozen. My player can move but I have to press 'E' for my screen to catch up to where my player is. I haven't had this problem until I installed Stardew Valley Expansion. Does someone know why that is?
          • Pangaea

            Pangaea Forum Moderator

            @ambersero Please note the date. Necro-posts are only allowed if you remain on topic and the topic is still relevant. Please make a new thread for your issue instead of trying to piggyback off an unrelated topic. Locking thread.
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