REQUEST Mod to require keypress to pick up items that we drop

Discussion in 'Mods' started by kidsparks, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. kidsparks

    kidsparks Tentacle Wrangler

    Are there currently any mods that require us to press a key to pick up items after we drop them? The auto loot system causes me to be unable to sort my inventory when it is full.

    For example I want to drop my iron ore to pick up some food on the ground to eat, but whenever i drop my iron ore i will immediately pick it back up again, so I will have to trash something which causes me to lose value.

    With this mod when i drop my iron ore, it will not be auto looted and instead will require me to press a key in order for me to pick it up again. This way i can easily pick up the food to eat and then loot my iron ore again.

    I know this is a very minor thing but is there a mod that does this already?
    • Nurio

      Nurio Cosmic Narwhal

      Not sure about a mod, though here is some advice for that particular situation you described:

      Stand on top of the food on the ground, then open your inventory and click your iron ore. It'll put the iron ore on your cursor and you'll pick up the food, filling up your inventory. Then you can drop the iron ore, eat your food, and pick up the iron ore again
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