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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by dhavin, Sep 5, 2018.

  1. dhavin

    dhavin Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm hoping someone could make a mod based on the Infinity Gauntlet from Marvel. Preferably the MCU Version. If anyone could do that, that would be great. I cant pay because I don't have a stable income. If there's any other way to pay, that would be great. Make sure to research the topic if you don't know what it is. Thanks!
  2. Kordharin

    Kordharin Big Damn Hero

    That might be a really neat thing to see out there.
  3. The Avelon

    The Avelon Phantasmal Quasar

    I'm curious as to how much could really be accomplished.

    Power Stone would obviously be the last one that you get to complete it, since it augments all of the other stones.

    Time Stone sadly can't reverse time in Starbound in any meaningful way. In order for it to undo player actions for example, it would have to store world information and monitor changes. You're out of memory now and SB is shutting down with a crash. You would have to code in the specific behavior of monsters and NPCs to store their last few coordinates and animations for 'isReversed' to walk/jump backwards, undo changes to health, undo alerting for hostile NPCs/monsters, etc.

    What you can do is move time forward, alter the movement speed of yourself or nearby NPCs, and record the player's own position in the world to warp back to it and set the time of day to the same time it was for example.

    Reality Stone would be a good substitute for the Matter Manipulator itself. Probably this would be your first one. Its primary use would be changing what Is.

    Space Stone is an interesting idea in a setting like Starbound. Warping and portals are already supported, so making a handheld tool version of for instance a teleporter is a start. I'm not sure how you would tie the weaponization elements in however - because the weapon would be a separate item necessarily. Nothing stops us from making a weapon item and also an essentialTool item (manipulator) with identical sprites of course, and that would probably be how it has to work. Unfortunately nothing stops the player from equipping multiple gauntlet weapons other than making it two handed. The upside is there could be a different gem glowing for each sprite.

    Let's move on.

    Mind and Soul Stones would be a little tricky. Depending on which of the abilities (both are quite versatile) you wanted to implement, you'd be stuck with only half functioning stones. Easiest would be the aspects of both which deal with living targets. Assuming a two-handed activeitem, you have a maximum of 4 different abilities. Ones affecting NPCs in a targeted fashion are easiest to implement. You could also have recipes unlock when they are added to your gauntlet, to enable you to make some of the things that you can make using these stones.

    I suppose the best way to implement this would be a series of weapon/tool items, 5 in total, which each have two abilities by default and then gain an additional 2 abilities once you get the Power Stone.
  4. Cryptoid

    Cryptoid Pangalactic Porcupine

    You could probably make the gauntlet function similar to how the Axiom Disruptor works from the mod Axiom Verge Mod. Its special allows you to select from 8 different modes/type of weapon projectiles. I don't know how the it works code-wise, but using how it was coded and applying it here would most likely get the results of which you're asking for.
  5. The Avelon

    The Avelon Phantasmal Quasar

    Hey, good idea. I don't know how that works either but yeah, I could see it being an 8 direction select, like a radial menu. Stop the player moving left and right while the button is held, open up a little menu, track input and highlight whatever direction you're holding. Make the selection by releasing your selection ability button. Or maybe you could just track the cursor position so that movement isn't required...could also put in a larger number of options that way since cursor position is relative to the screen, not the world.

    A less elegant way would be to have it simply cycle like the variable crossbow.

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