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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by SkyeTheTerribleBeastie, Sep 23, 2017.


Do you like mindlessly watching semi-relevant scrolling text?

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  1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie

    SkyeTheTerribleBeastie Big Damn Hero

    I love watching things load, but the vanilla loading screen for all the... loading screen in Starbound leave me bored (in the 10~30 seconds it takes. :catbleh: )

    In other games it actively displays the assets that are being loaded, which I like because it can both distract and help with mod loading troubleshooting. For example, a common problem with mods not working is the pre-menu loading screen will freeze- with this proposed mod, the console will end up being stuck at the file it was trying to load, thus showing you what went wrong.
    ... ... ...
    And did I mention I like watching lines of console text fly by? :cato3o:

    Feel free to ask questions, and I'd like to kinda-sorta work with whomever wishes to create this mod. (Basically me complaining that the colors are wrong, or it's not like how I envisioned. :catwink: )

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