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Discussion in 'Mods' started by euchred, Jan 9, 2019.

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    Hello, I just thought I'd put this out there. I've been having issues with Mi's Elegant Victorian Interior mod. I believe it's unofficial. The issue comes with that for that mod I can only select the color of the bedding and nothing else. I was hoping to ask to get it updated to choose what it adds and doesn't, but I figure there's gonna be a lot of updates needed because of the base game updating.

    I'll upload my log file at the end of this, but there is an image below of something I've encountered while having several furniture mods, and I can't decipher which one is causing it, because it happens even when I disable the one that ends up being the furniture I can see and keep the others. I've had the same issue with the Junimo plush being halved and I can see it, and the bunny that takes it's place in the mod I mentioned above. <-- furniture issue image

    The other issue I'm having is that Json assets doesn't seem to want to load a mod, or is loading a mod but not giving it defining features so I can figure out which one it is. I'm getting these "error items" in Pierre's shop that don't do anything when bought, and I can't use them. I know from reinstalling all of my mods a couple times that they might be custom crop mods, but I'm not able to figure out which ones, and this has happened since I only had the few that include "more trees" and "fantasy crops." <-- error item screenshot <-- log

    If it ends up being that I might need to reinstall something, I tell you I keep doing that. I just factory reset my computer twice and did system repairs several times because a trojan virus attacked everything. Microsoft Edge is missing, I finally got the computer to the point at which it's not slow, and not giving me trouble. Each time I thought my computer was fine and started installing SDV again along with mods, I've had these issues.

    Honestly I have a huge headache and if I have to reinstall all of my mods one more time, I might be done playing the game for about a month. Similarly for my computer, if I didn't need it, I would be doing something else for about a week or two OTL

    If I need to supply some kind of other log, or list of things, I might need an idea of how to procure a Vortex log or I might give screenshots of folders instead of typing them all out.

    I am using Vortex to install all of these mods. There's 166 or so but Vortex is telling me that there's 173 zip/files that are there and enabled. Then I go into the mods folder that is not managed by vortex and there's 182 folders, so if any mods aren't loading, I'm really not sure which ones they are.

    If there's anyone out there that could at least just give me a "hey try removing this, I know for sure it doesn't work" or even just.. I dunno, some kind of steps to take, I just want to get things working again. I appreciate all help even if it's a funny comment post.

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