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Discussion in 'Mods' started by EriNC88, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. EriNC88

    EriNC88 Space Spelunker

    I am currently trying to buy 24 of every animal on the game and holy smokes is it slow! Is there a mod to allow bulk buying of animals? Does anyone know if this already exists or if it’s even possible?
    • Xuomi

      Xuomi Phantasmal Quasar

      Other than using PelicanFiber (stable update, beta update) to purchase animals with or without Marnie, a mass-purchasing mod doesn't exist. I imagine the naming factor would make it difficult to implement, seeing as the game forces you to name every animal the moment you buy them. That, and the only thing in this game that seems to stack are mostly crafting materials, foraged/farmed items, etc. and leads me to believe the only way this could be possible is if animals are somehow treated as a "stackable item" instead of an animal in the theoretical-mod.

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