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    MOD Distributor Batch File Features,
    MOD Authors who wish to speed up the process in distributing their mods this will pack your mod from your set work folder, generates an information file for your users, zips your mod and info file at max compression, places the latest copy in a separate location for quick file sharing on something like Dropbox, archive a daily zip while you work and appends changes made in the same day, finally creates a simple log so you can keep track of changes easier. It even will install the mod optionally before cleaning everything up.

    Using this with Dropbox I am able to distribute my GitHub changes as a .modpak in one click and keep archives as I work daily. Let alone its quicker then doing it all manually.

    Developed on Microsoft Windows OS (not tested on any other os)
    :: requires 7z.exe from
    :: Do not use spaces with names of folders, paths, even mod names.
    :: Configure GLOBALCONFIG.INI (line 5, 8, 11 are most critical the rest can be default)
    :: Configure MyModsName.bat at line 20 to 33

    • Easy to Configure
    • Latest Download Folder (places the latest changes to a location users can download easy say from Dropbox)
    • Archive Daily Versions (creates a backup archive - a new day starts a new archived .zip)
    • Time Stamps (HH:MM:AM or PM this is used for labeling in log files, and a info file)
    • Optionally Install to your Starbound MODs Folder (it will ask if you wish to do this)
    • ReadMe.txt is generated with this information..
      • MOD Name & Time Stamp of the Version
      • Guide To Installing MODS 1.2 URL
      • GitHub URL (turn on by following instructions on line 103)
      • Changelog URL (turn off by following instructions on line 107)
      • Support URL (turn off by following instructions on line 111)
    • High Compression .zip of All Files
    • Self Cleanup (nothing is overwriting all files are removed and re created to ensure a brand new update )
    MOD Distributor Batch File Troubleshooting,
    To start using and exploring the files download the attached .zip on this thread. Feel free to request support here or message me directly I am more then happy to help you use this for your project.

    Q) Its not packing my mod and because of that the .zip is missing the mod how come?
    Make sure you mod is ready for the .modpak format by following the basics below..

    You must properly setup the .modinfo file of your mod name it pak.modinfo and make sure the name matches the name used in the .bat file.

    Using this format you can setup .modpak as your MODFORMAT or leave it as default.

    TIP: You can have the script restart without it closing and it can even launch the game for you - close it to in some cases. On 64 Bit Starbound Open GL my setup is below.. simply add this to the very bottom of your batch 32 bit plays should change 64 to 32 first...

    start /d "%STARBOUNDFOLDER%\win64" starbound_opengl.exe
    call WildThings.bat

    MOD Distributor Files Changelog,
    Last Updated
    7/7/2015 3:14 PM (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)
    • Added archive folder path to the GLOBALCONFIG.INI so users can set there own archive path as they desire. Its no longer hard coded in.
    • Confirm message has been changed before starting the process.
    • Now will place the file PACKED.LOG in the archive main folder.
    • Time Stamp format was updated to be HH:MM:AM or PM using local current machine time.
    • You can now name your own log file at GLOBALCONFIG.INI
    • Most recent changes are now listed at the top of the log file.
    • Set the format type if needed through GLOBALCONFIG.INI; recommended keep it at default .modpak (.modinfo must be named pak.modinfo)
    • Added some status messages for debugging while the script executes.
    • Cleaned up the code a bit and re did the comments to be more understandable.
    • Users are now told when installing a fresh copy of the mod what file or folder it needs to remove to ensure a fresh update.
    • Latest Download Folder added when running the batch. This helps make things easy for direct Dropbox sharing.

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  2. Armed Mosquito

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    Major Changes Update:
    I believe I got this setup far beyond my expectations and and happy to say its pretty final at this point. Anyone who has downloaded it previously should re download it as its much more equipped then the day one release.

    Any further major updates I will be sure to give a reply here to keep everyone using this aware of changes. Minor updates if any will just be added -type of changes that are less important- for notification.

    Thanks for your support guys & gals! Enjoy the quick deployment of your mods! Spread the word!
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