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Discussion in 'Other' started by xaliber, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Please add categories for mods in Steam Workshop, like the way we have here in the modding forums. I've been told that categories are handled by ChuckleFish (not Steam or mod authors), so it'd be a nice feature to have.

    Recently there has also been a case of "mod theft" (or, I guess, more accurately iit's a reuploading someone else's mod without permission). This is the latest example: I've had some sort of "dialogue" with the guy in question, and he said he reupload a mod from CF forums in Workshop because he can't find the mod in Workshop. Part of the problem why he can't seem to find the mod he reuploaded is because he find that looking for mod in Workshop is difficult.

    He reminds me when I first modding Starbound. I was quite confused looking around for usable mods because of lack mod categories. Yes, there is a search feature, but it's barely useful if we don't know the name of the mods (because searching for "new dungeon mods" wouldn't yield anything). I ended up browsing one by one but that takes a lot of time.

    So it would be really nice if Chucklefish can enable mod categories in Workshop. It helps mod authors too, because it can give more exposure to mods. I.e. the "most popular mod in X category".
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