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Discussion in 'Support' started by viviannnn, Nov 16, 2018.

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    viviannnn Poptop Tamer

    I got two files in Stardew Valley Mobile, the very first one i got to trigger Krobus cutscene in first year.

    However, with my game file now (stop playing first file for reasons), I have got into 2nd year Winter and still unable to trigger Krobus cutscene.

    I now have already met Krobus in sewer and have 5 hearts with it. Tried everything to trigger the cutscene so that I can get the magnifying glass...

    Tried actions below:
    - go to bus stop without horse riding
    - snowy day
    - sunny Winter day
    - confirmed no missed cutscene in first year
    - tried to find footprints at playground area, nothing
    - different timing between 6am to 4pm (with or without Pam in bus stop place, thought Krobus is shy in front of human beings and will never show up if Pam is there)

    Can anyone tell me how can i get the cutscene trigger?? Those tips from secret notes need to have the notes then will able to trigger i’m so struggle for the whole thing now
    • viviannnn

      viviannnn Poptop Tamer

      right after i post this, on 11 Winter 11am, snowy day, without horse riding, i finally triggered Krobus cutscene.

      Not sure why it can’t work previously, but hope this can help anyone who still have this issue.

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