RELEASED Missy's Mods: Skins and Shirts

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    Missy's Mods

    Hello my lovelies :catwink: I'm Missy, long time lurker and new to posting, so bear with me!
    I recently posted a couple of my mods over on the Nexus and I thought I'd share them here too.


    The first is simply a tweak of the skin tones; I toned down the orange-ness (that's a word? :p ) and desaturated some of the brightest default skins. I checked each one in game with various animated actions to make sure they didn't look funky and it all seems ok but do let me know of any potential improvements



    download via nexus here

    To install: Backup skinColors.xnb, replace with mod. Located in Content/Characters/Farmer.


    This was my 'white whale'; I challenged myself to make a full shirts mod that completely replaced the base game ones. In the end I managed that plus a bunch more, so you'll need Get Dressed (and by extension, SMAPI) for all 160 shirts to show up.



    Some of the shirts are recolours of Yoseiri's, shared with their kind permission. I also took inspiration from SnoozyHound and Tacodevourers shirt mods and they deserve credit for their wonderful creations​

    To Install: Download at Nexus. Make a backup of shirts.xnb, replace with mod version. Location is Content/Characters/Farmer.

    I hope you enjoy these and please do give feedback as i'm still very much learning (i'd never used a graphics programme other than MS Paint until a couple months ago!)

    Much love x
    :catblush:Missy :meowsic:
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      Wow, these are beautiful. Trying them out, may make a new character just for these.

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