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Bug/Issue Missing mail for Client players in co-op

Discussion in 'Support' started by Sylt556, May 10, 2018.

  1. Sylt556

    Sylt556 Space Hobo

    Mails with a quest (haven't tested with items) in them which should be mailed to the players in a co-op game are usually mailed to all players, but if the host starts the game on the day the mail arrives the client players cannot receive it. If on the other hand the clients were already in the game the day before a mail was scheduled to arrive, they will receive it as well.

    Case 1:
    Day X. Host and Client1 are in game. They both go to sleep. Day moves to X+1, host and Client1 both have a mail for "please bring me a fish, I will pay 10,000g since I need it fast. sincerely, the bum".
    Case 2:
    Day X. Host is the only one in game. Host goes to bed. Day moves to X+1, Client1 joins Host. Host has the same mail as above, Client1 doesn't.
    Case 3:
    Day X. Host and Client1 are in game. They both go to sleep, on X+1 both have the request. Host closes and restarts the game on day X+1, before X+2 is reached. Now only Host has the mail, and Client1 doesn't.

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