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MISSING DERRICK-need help finding certain creature

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Yzzey, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Here's the wiki page on the statue.
    RIP Derrick... You will be missed...
  2. newcomer3

    newcomer3 Big Damn Hero

  3. Multi-Banana

    Multi-Banana Void-Bound Voyager

  4. Enyaloides Azulae

    Enyaloides Azulae Space Hobo

  5. dizzy dwarf

    dizzy dwarf Yeah, You!

    i even set derrick as my backround!
  6. Mayani

    Mayani Seal Broken

    I had some fun
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  7. Yzzey

    Yzzey Heliosphere

  8. LilyV3

    LilyV3 Master Astronaut

    I wish the idea about dna splicing would still be a thing and we could gather and assembly creatures as part of the vanilla game.
  9. Tanek

    Tanek Pangalactic Porcupine

    Not being in the game anymore just means Derrick lives forever in legend and will not be watered down through duplication.
  10. Yzzey

    Yzzey Heliosphere

  11. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Giant Laser Beams

    I just realised it is outdated,
    sorry but...
    the mod is dead now
  12. pop-yotheweird

    pop-yotheweird Ketchup Robot

    wouldn't surprise me if the only thing that needs to be changed is the version name code thingy.
  13. Presios Saiyan

    Presios Saiyan Giant Laser Beams

    It's over, R.I.P Derrick. You shall be missed with our Hylotl hearts from now on... :(
  14. Yzzey

    Yzzey Heliosphere

    Yes. A little sad to say, but there's no more hope of finding Derrick. It's been little over three years since I first made this thread. I hope you guys had fun with this thread, and in the Derrick hunt. I know I sure did. I had a great time catching Derrick cousins and discussing them with all of you in this thread. 42 pages of discussion! Pretty impressive. Thanks, everyone who joined in the search. We did find him, if only temporary, and I'd count that as a success.
  15. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Giant Laser Beams

    We still have the decapatited body parts of Derrick...
    Someone please make the mod
  16. LilyV3

    LilyV3 Master Astronaut

  17. MrVauxs

    MrVauxs Giant Laser Beams

  18. DraikNova

    DraikNova Spaceman Spiff

    To create a Frankenderrick, we shall need the following ingredients:
    A volcanic winter to set the mood.
    Filth as raw material.
    Excessive use of childbirth-related imagery.
  19. starbound37833

    starbound37833 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    So sad you know what I'm going to find him YOU HERE ME IM GOING TO FIND HIM IM COMING OR YOU DERRICK IM COMING TO FIND YOU AND HELP YOU RETURN HOME!!!!!!!!!!!:nurusad::catcry::avalicry::cry:
  20. Tlactl

    Tlactl Cosmic Narwhal

    Just gonna point out, if two species look the same but are from different planets they are not going to be genetically related. What probably happened was that they evolved the same traits because they live in similar environments

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