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Miscellaneous suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by DTDM, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. DTDM

    DTDM Tentacle Wrangler

    Hi, here are some thoughts I had while playing. Most of these are pretty subjective but I feel they could possibly improve the game.

    First though, I want to point out that I really enjoy this game, I think it's very well made and has a great concept behind it. And I don't expect any of these in particular to be implemented, but if you are looking for ideas to make things interesting here are some I have.

    I also really appreciate that the game doesn't hold your hand for the most part. Quite a few RPGs make it abundantly clear what you have to do next and I think that actually removes some of the fun of discovery.

    Story things:
    • Have more story exposition during the course of gameplay. One way to do this would be to have the text of library books pop up when you collect them, rather than having to go back to the library to read them.
    • Have more side characters and side quests -- I'm sure you're already working on this :) It'd be nice to have random NPCs you run into out in the woods, etc. even if they don't serve much of a gameplay function.
    • In getting non-dungeon items like the axe and the hammer, there could be some sort of challenge you have to complete to get the items.
    • Add some dialog variety to the characters in the randomly generated {{ adjective }} {{ cave type }} of {{ negative emotion }} areas that give you stuff/sell you stuff. Like maybe have them tell a story about why they're in the cave or talk about the item they are giving you or something.
    • The quest screen should indicate how far you are in the quest (e.g. "5 of 8 library books found" ) and change the status of the quest if it has been completed, or remove it from view.
    Things I think are too easy - obviously this is up for interpretation :)
    • The number of arrows/bombs you can have starts off really high so you never really have to worry about running out.
    • I beat most the dungeon bosses on the first try and most of them were some variation on "hit it with your sword a bunch of times." (The pac-man boss was an awesome exception.) The bosses are all cool, I just think it'd be interesting if you had to do more complicated things to beat them.
    Mechanics things:
    • I've accidentally bought tunics I already owned, or found them in the hidden grove areas. Perhaps there could be some mechanic to prevent getting non-consumable items you already have.
    • I think I bought the bomb upgrade but it wasn't clear how it changed the way the bombs work. Also, it should disappear from the shopkeeper's menu once you've bought it.
    Enemy things:
    • I really like that sometimes the snails ooze a random type of potion! However, it was confusing the first time I ran over one and it said something like "it was a hallucination potion." Perhaps there could be a clearer alert message that's specific to the snail slime and makes clear that's where the effect is coming from.
    • Sometimes spiders descend from the sky on a string of web, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense when you're outdoors.
    Dungeon things:
    • There are often some creatures you have to fight to get a dungeon's item but they don't often have much distinguishing them from other creatures. Sometimes they're larger. It would be cool to have a separate mini-boss or something.
    • Maybe sometimes have some out-of-dungeon things you have to do before proceeding to the next dungeon.
    Random things that might be cool:
    • Have the Missinglasses interact with stuff outside that one dungeon. They have a similar aesthetic to the grove entrances so maybe there? Or they could be involved in some sort of side quest.
    • The hallucination potion is a fun, if silly, mechanic and I'd love to see some circumstance where it's actually required to do something, maybe a side quest or area you could only enter while under the effects of that potion, something or someone you could only see/talk to/interact with while under the influence, etc.
    Thanks for reading :)
    • tccoxon

      tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

      These are great suggestions, thanks! Many of these are things I was already planning, and some of the rest are things I'm now planning to add :)

      It's not an upgrade, but a different item. It should be in your equipment tab now. I'll see if I can find a way to make that clearer.

      Already have plans here. It's central to the story and there are going to be entirely new areas that make use of it. https://gfycat.com/CheerfulFlawedCarp

      Haha, that would be fun! Have you got the hallucination tunic? The tunic version has a slightly different effect - it spawns waves of enemies, and gives you a reward each time you beat a whole round.
      • DTDM

        DTDM Tentacle Wrangler

        Thanks for the update! I'm really excited for the new version to come out.
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