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Bug/Issue Minor sprite glitch that then turned into a softlock

Discussion in 'Support' started by Enforcergotbuffed, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Enforcergotbuffed

    Enforcergotbuffed Space Hobo

    So I recently got Stardew Valley (and by recently i mean i played all the way straight to winter) and i was fishing in the mountain lake to finish my bundles and stuff as any good player and i noticed my sprites when finishing looked funny. At first i thought it was a minor thing since i could fish normally and then i softlocked.
    Charging up the fishing pole
    Casting the Fishing pole
    Charging while looking to the left
    and my current softlocked position right after taking the last pic.
    I'm not sure what caused the initial sprite glitch but im pretty sure i softlocked because of the infamous "cast too small a distance so the game isnt letting me move until i catch a fish" bug i keep reading about in the wiki.
    (on another note is there any key or something to skip time? dont really want to be afk for 10 hours to wait for 6 am to put me back in my bed tired lol)

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