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    Now, of course this game is truly a remarkable successor to the classic game of Harvest Moon and not to say it, but it surpasses that game by a long shot (which is good cause now it made me go back to playing Harvest Moon again).

    However, like with any game in this world, there are still some improvements which should or could be made, such as:

    -Create Your Stats: One thing this game needs would be some kind of stat selection like what you would see in most RPG games and similar content. Being able to give your character a better stat to start with would be nice, that way you can decide whether you want your character to be faster, stronger, more intelligent, etc. Of course, this would have to be HEAVILY regulated and perhaps saved for 5 stats total to spend, and each only SLIGHTLY improving the game.

    -AutoSave Off/On: Being able to turn autosave off or on would be nice, there are times when the game errors and then it autosaves and you're stuck at that error and there is no way to bypass it.

    -Work <> Time: The amount of work and the amount of time spent are way too different and should be somewhat closer to what it would actually take. For example, cutting down a tree should take around an hour (I know, I've done that kind of work). So as an example, say you're cutting down a tree in-game, it progresses the time by more than a few minutes, as that would make more sense and cause players to be more tuned into time spending.

    -Money Management: There needs to be a better example of money and it should be based more on real life scenarios. I mean honestly, a backpack being 1000 gold, like... what? But I mean, I get it, that kind of space is necessary, but at the same time, you might as well just buy a bunch of chests and slowly fill them up over time.

    As always, these are just some ideas and suggestions, and may or may not be improvements, but to me, they would be.
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      For the AutoSave Off/On, I'm considering writing a save backup wrapper once my degree project is over and, so I wouldn't need to keep quitting the game, the plan is to have it watch the saves folder and just take a new snapshot whenever something changes. (Like Dropbox)

      Now, I'm a Linux user and plan to watch using the inotify system but, If you're willing to be the guinea pig, I could amend the plans by adding support for Microsoft's ReadDirectoryChangesW.
      • ExSOLDIER-J92

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        Well, I'm intrigued, feel free to share the download link with me when you're done.

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