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    I would suggest adding a few new buildings to the town.
    The first being a apartment. Npc romance optons upon completion of either joja or c Community center will move out of their parents place with the exception of those who already have housing independently. Aftet completion of their respective heart event feeling that they too need to stake their claim This could be done as another community expansion and also add a few more npcs for post game content.

    The second is actually already in the game but have penny move the kids schooling to the community center. Its already set up like a school and by using the above apartments could lead to more child npcs.

    The third is more of a intown investment to put better lanes and fix up utilities to make it seem the town grows as you help everyone else grow.

    I would also like to see updates to certain equipment. Like an updated journal. Upgrade it to a jojatel phone. Or if the community center is upgreade maybe inspire sebastian and maru to create there own service. This allows keeping a journal of animals and hearts as well as more information. Allow you to view the towns message boards from home and accept in case you have the goods. This could also link into a social networking sprite that has characters posting about their days and likes.

    You could also treat the gold scythe as a upgradeable item to increase the drop rate of hay and goods. Like wise the shears and milk bucket could be upgraded to allow for better drops

    horse upgrades could be introduced for running speed (horse shoes iron and higher) or maybe a whistle to bring it to you.

    Fertilizer could be further refined with a mixer item that looks like a concrete mixer. You add 1 of each fertilizers and resins and the result is an all purpose ferilizer that does less than deluxe but more than standard fertilizers

    You could combine a portion of would with each resin and make treated lumber which when taken into inventory is the same as hardwood.

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